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Diamonds are one of the most beautiful things nature has bestowed on us. Practical and stylish gems, these are ideal for mounting in a variety of jewelry, a fact which makes them highly valued on a global level. Their hardness is one of the main reasons they are the perfect thing to wear and show off; the beauty bit helps as well. So, how do you know which diamonds are better than others?

Buying diamond jewelry is a task many find daunting at best, owing to the myriad considerations that go into ensuring a good deal. For example, diamonds have peculiar optical properties responsible for a rainbow effect which typically mesmerizes observers. It is a definite measure of a diamond how well it is able to make this happen under different lights; better stones look simply superb, while lesser ones emit a noticeably slighter sparkle. For someone with their eye on quality as well as beauty, it is essential to pay attention to these things when choosing a rock for themselves or their beloved.

There is also the matter of luster, which is a slightly different aspect from the one mentioned above. Based on their makeup, different minerals possess different types of luster. Diamonds have what they call an “adamantine” luster, caused by tightly-packed atoms which serve up a smooth surface for incoming light to bounce off of. If a stone has a coarser texture owing to a shoddy cut, its luster would be more diffused than otherwise; in the aesthetic sense, the luster would be diminished. This is one reason to prefer diamond with well-executed cuts.

If you ever decide to buy a rough diamond, you should understand firsthand that these rarely have a regular shape. While having a loose stone of this sort lets you pick and choose what shape to get it cut in, it also means you actually have to pick. Loose rough stones are too much work in this respect, and lack the simple satisfaction you find in buying a beautiful affordable diamond-studded ring. Assuming that is what you want, our informative posts filled with insights and tips can help you build a solid knowledge base, useful in seeking out good deals. On the side, you also get the benefit of staying updated on various trends and industry development and players.