A Guide For Buying Couple Rings Set

Bridal Set Wedding Rings
Bridal Set Wedding Rings

When it comes to express your love to that special someone, you should do it in a unique way that shows your commitment.  Couple rings set are a better way to express that commitment.  In South Korea, couples wear their couple rings after 100 days of being together to show the commitment and respect to their partner. In most part of the world, the couple chooses bridal set wedding rings that consist of an engagement ring and matching band for him and her.

Difference Between Couple Rings And Engagement Rings

A couple ring is a modern way for the couples to celebrate special moments they had together in their relationship. It is a symbol to express their partnership and respect for each other. On the other hand, an engagement ring symbolizes the promise of marriage.

Choosing Your Couple Ring

Before you buy a couple ring set, you need to consider a few points discussed below.


The couples probably keep the rings on all the times. So ensure that they are suitable to wear every day. Traditionally, your ring finger is the ideal placement for wedding and engagement rings. But couple rings can be worn on any of your finger.


When you choose a design for the couple ring set, always choose a design that reflects your personal styles. Choose a matching couple ring set, if you and your partner have similar tastes. You might also want to consider buying complementary rings that differ from each other but share similar features that express our union as a couple. You can also create a custom couple ring set according to your style preferences.


Usually when couple opt to wear matching ring sets, they choose the same ring but in different metal colors. This creates a more unique look for the couple rings set. Choosing different metal ensures different appearance for the same ring. For example, if you choose two different metal colors, such as white or rose gold, it will have a more elegant appearance and reflect your commitment to each other.


When you buy a couple ring set, you will also look for a stone to add some sparkle to the ring. The new trend in couple ring set is a combination of diamond shapes. An emerald shaped diamond is a great match with a cross over ring that has multiple emerald shaped diamonds.


Always choose the setting of your ring wisely because the setting should display a harmony between the rings. Couples often choose a classic prong setting or a channel setting for the couple ring set.  You can also explore the subtle design details to introduce symmetry between the rings.

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