Channel Setting Vs Pave Setting: Which Is The Better Option?

Bridal Wedding Rings
Bridal Wedding Rings

There is a wide variety of options available for you when it comes to engagement and wedding rings. Some of them include solitaire, bezel, halo, three-stone, cathedral, tension settings, etc. Two other popular options that a lot of people prefer for their bridal wedding rings are channel setting and pave setting. These settings are known for their exceptional brilliance and incomparable beauty.

Both channel and pave settings contain accent stones on the band of the ring thereby enhancing the overall brilliance and sparkle of the ring along with accentuating the center stone. Even though both of them have some similarities, there are slight differences between them in terms of how the small diamonds are set on the band.

Therefore, through this article, we analyze which is the better option for you.

Pave Setting

Pave setting can be suitable for every diamond shape which makes it a commonly used option for bridal ring sets. This setting will have a large number of small stones on the band of the ring which looks like the band is “paved” with small diamonds. This setting makes the band look like it is made of diamonds. Pave setting can add an extravagant look to your diamond ring.

The diamonds in the pave setting are held in place using small prongs.  This setting allows maximum light to enter the stones thereby creating great brilliance. If you want your ring to sparkle, then this setting can be a great option for you.

One of the problems associated with the pave setting is that the small prongs that are used to hold the accent stones in place can snag on different things. Additionally, these prongs can get loose over time thereby increasing the risk of losing your small stones. It can also be difficult to maintain and clean this ring.

Channel Setting

The channel setting also has small diamonds set on the band. But instead of prongs, this setting uses a channel of metal to hold the stones in place. These stones will be set between two grooves of metal which offer more security for the small stones.

As the sides of the small diamonds are covered by the metal of the band, the brilliance created by these stones can be less when compared to pave setting. But this setting offers good protection for the accent stones so that they won’t be damaged or lost easily.

However, it can be difficult to clean a channel-set ring, as dirt can get trapped between the grooves. Also, this setting can be difficult to resize, as there will be a large number of channels involved.

Both of these settings have their own pros and cons. So consider them when choosing an option for you.

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