How to Choose the Best Princess Wedding Ring Sets?

Princess Wedding Ring Sets
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If you want to add a different look to your wedding ring apart from the conventional look offered by a round diamond, then princess wedding ring sets are a great choice for you. It will give you an elegant and less conventional appearance. Think of princess cut bridal sets if you are someone who loves a different image.

A princess cut diamond has a square shape. Such diamonds can also be seen in rectangular or tapered shapes. The princess cut resembles an upside down pyramid. Much of the weight of the diamond is accumulated on the pavilion. Due to this appearance a princess cut diamond will look smaller than diamonds of other shapes with same carat weight. The number of facets for a princess cut diamond and the arrangement of these facets can vary for different diamonds. So the sparkle and brilliance can also vary according to this.

Princess wedding ring sets have an unusual and uncommon look. It offers a different and beautiful appearance. This cut is the favorite of those who wants to appear non-traditional. But before selecting a princess cut diamond you have some important things to notice. Following are the factors you should consider when choosing a princess cut diamond.


The optimum length-to-width ratio for a square princess cut diamond should not exceed 1:05:1. Diamonds with unequal proportions and uneven sides will not look attractive.


The beauty of a diamond lies in its symmetry. It refers to the arrangement of facets of a diamond. If all the facets are arranged in perfect symmetry the diamond will look stunning and will have more brilliance and sparkle. You can analyze the symmetry by drawing and imaginary line across the length of the diamond. Check if the facets on the left and right halves of the diamond are arranged symmetrically and also if they have the same size and shape. Find out if there are any extra or missing facets.


A stone should have a perfect balance between light and dark shades. If a stone is either too dark or too bright then it will be unattractive. So find a diamond that has a pleasing balance.

Princess cut diamonds are a great choice for your wedding ring sets. But when choosing a princess cut diamond you have to be careful about the points mentioned above. These guidelines will help you to choose the best diamond for your wedding ring.

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