Jennifer Lawrence Flashes Her Wedding Band in Public

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Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence stepped out for reportedly the first occasion since her marriage earlier on November 2019. This actor married art dealer named Cooke Maroney at an ostentatious house in Rhode Island’s Newport city on October 2019. She was recently seen rocking her wedding ring.

The couple was photographed when they were exiting the MoMA museum in NYC. After that, they went to a SoHo restaurant. Close-up photographs reveal “The Hunger Games” movie star flashing what seems like a delicate wedding band under her huge emerald-cut diamond-set band. This pair of bands deserves a place in the list of beautiful celebrity diamond wedding ring sets.

The Academy Award-winner appeared all geared up for winter as she was clad in a creamy coat and wearing light shoes without a back. She chose a messy ponytail and natural makeup, whereas the 34-year-old Maroney sported a hat, coupled with a ‘windbreaker’ jacket, navy blue pants and similar sneakers.

This does not mark the couple’s first public appearance as newlyweds, but it marks the first-ever time JLaw was spotted sporting her wedding ring.

After a representative confirmed their engagement news to PEOPLE magazine earlier this year, Jen was seen rocking her engagement ring on some occasions. One occasion in which she did it was a night out in New York City on February 22, 2019. Elsewhere, she displayed her jewelry piece to photographers who click away when they see any celebrity at a big social event. Now that she has appeared publicly with her pair of engagement and wedding rings, there would be some more attention on her than before.

Her engagement piece features an emerald-shaped diamond placed on a delicate gold band. Many in the media describe it as just an emerald rather than an emerald-shaped or emerald-cut diamond. This gives a false impression that she is wearing an emerald gemstone. It is no emerald but a diamond looking like it.

Anyways, one thing is evident from JLaw’s public appearance: she is a traditionalist. In case you do not know, it is customary to wear an engagement ring and wedding band on the same finger. Many follow the tradition staunchly, and as seen from the pictures, JLaw is not one to go against the tide.

When on a podcast with entertainment reporter Catt Sadler, Lawrence called her husband “the greatest human being I’ve ever met.”

What do you feel about her ring? The best-ever perhaps?

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