Potential Missteps in Selecting a Diamond Ring That you Need to Avoid

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Customers look to mitigate all the risks of selecting the wrong rings when they decide to invest in matching wedding or bridal ring sets. Following are some of the likely risks to shun when you buy wedding ring sets.

Mismatched Proportions

When one is bent on getting the most perfect ring, they may gravitate towards the larger stones. Although it is a good idea to purchase a big rock for the engagement, you may find yourself with an awkward buy if you choose a wedding band or ring that is equally large. It could end up being a misfit or too heavy for your bride’s delicate fingers. Then again, if the budget compels to purchase a smaller-sized piece, it would not be wise to make amends by getting a large band for the wedding.

To avoid such missteps, you need to choose a well-matched set of engagement ring with wedding ring; all in your budget as well as in the design that would bow to your special someone.

Mismatching of Styles

While most buyers of wedding ring sets would know the way to differentiate between Art Deco and modern styles, there are several people, who do not have an idea about how a Victorian ring differs from one featuring the Edwardian style. If you are subject to making irate accidents or are totally confused with regards to jewelry style combinations, taking guesswork out of the equation would make things easier for you.

Mismatched Shapes

Assume that you have a marquise or teardrop diamond engagement ring and a round diamond wedding ring; in this case, you may have the stone’s pointy edge scratching the metal band when they are both worn upon a daily basis. One more possibility lies in the wedding ring interfering with how the stone in the engagement ring sits upon the finger. It could break, chip, or cause other damages to the jewel. By buying similar styled engagement and wedding rings, you can be assured about making your prized possessions not just good-looking, but long lasting as well.

While it is easy to choose bridal ring sets, it would be an excellent idea to opt for personalized rings to create show-stopping pieces. By partly designing them according to your preference, or contributing your ideas to a designer, you can add more creativity as well as have a more customized set of rings worth boasting about.

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