Should You Get Matching Wedding Bands?

Buy Wedding Ring Set
Buy Wedding Ring Set

One of the important questions that confuse couples when planning their wedding is whether to get matching wedding bands or not. Getting matching wedding bands for the bride and groom is a tradition that has been in existence since ancient eras. However, a lot of modern couples prefer getting distinct bands for the bride and groom. Both of these options have their peculiarities.

By choosing matching wedding bands, the bride and groom can:

  • Express their unity and oneness.
  • Demonstrate that both of them have similar tastes and preferences.
  • Show that they belong together.
  • Indicate that they value traditions and choose to be a part of them.

Nevertheless, a lot of couples today prefer to go with the non-traditional route by choosing different bands. If you get non-matching bands:

  • You can pick a ring that mirrors your style.
  • You can avoid your spouse being pressured to get a band she or he doesn’t love just to choose matching bands.
  • You can express your character and individuality.
  • You can get a ring that complements your hand and skin tone.

So, you can either choose to get matching wedding bands or distinct bands based on your personal preferences.

How To Find Matching Wedding Bands?

Jewelers can show you a wide variety of matching wedding bands so that you can choose an option you like the best. You can also buy wedding ring set that come with matching wedding bands for the bride and groom plus an engagement ring for the bride. Selecting wedding ring sets can help you get an engagement ring and wedding bands that perfectly suits each other. However, make sure not to confuse wedding ring sets with bridal ring sets.

Things To Consider When Getting Wedding Bands

There is a lot of things you have to consider when choosing matching wedding bands. They include the type of metal, color of the gemstone, design, ring settings, etc.

If you want matching wedding bands but your spouse prefers distinct bands, then you don’t have to fret, as you can take a middle ground between the two. You may choose two bands with the same metal and choose different designs, or prefer the same design and different metals. Hence, your wedding bands can have some matching elements and they can also have some distinct features.

You don’t have to choose matching wedding bands just because it is a tradition. Whether to get matching bands or not can be solely based on the personal preferences of the bride and groom.

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