Top 6 Mistake To Avoid When Shopping Diamond Wedding Ring Sets

Diamond Wedding Ring Sets
Diamond Wedding Ring Sets

Diamond wedding ring sets contain three rings, and selecting them requires careful considerations. The three rings are the following: an engagement ring, a matching wedding band, and a matching wedding band for the groom. Each of these rings celebrates eventful moments in the life of the bride and the groom. So, you mustn’t make mistakes when selecting them. In this article, we will discuss six mistakes that you must avoid when selecting rings in a wedding ring set.

Buying What You Like

Traditionally, it is the groom who selects the engagement ring or the wedding ring set. You will have a clear idea about what you want. But when selecting rings for your fiancé or bride, carefully consider her taste regarding the diamond(s) and the ring material. For this, you must notice her dressing style, the nature of her job, and her taste. Choosing round diamond wedding ring sets will be ideal as it is highly preferred by brides.

Doing It Alone

When shopping for diamond wedding ring sets, don’t do it all by yourself. Get in touch or bring along the bride’s family or close friends for advice. This is because she might have talked openly about her preferences to them. Also, you can ask them to know what she loves and hates.

Focusing Only On The Size Of The Diamond

Carat weight and size of diamonds are not the only factors that you must consider when buying diamond rings. You must look for rings with stones that have excellent cut quality, as this affects the beauty and brilliance of the jewelry. The other two equally important factors are the clarity and color of the stone. Also, remember that typically colorless diamonds are more expensive than colored ones, but this is not always true.

Matching Settings For Engagement Ring And Wedding Ring

The ring setting is as important as the center stone. This ranges from simple metal bands to halo setting with more diamonds. So, when selecting diamond wedding ring sets, ensure that there is no mismatch between the ring setting of the three rings.

The Comfort Of The Ring

Since wedding rings are pieces of jewelry that you wear every day, they must be comfortable for the wearer. Many people make the mistake of choosing beautiful rings that are not comfortable. Choose hypoallergenic ring material that is free from nickel.

Not Buying From A Reputable Jeweler

Sometimes, people buy diamond wedding ring sets from not very reputable jewelers to save on the cost. This must be avoided as there is the risk of purchasing rings with uncertified diamonds or metal with nickel content. So, buy diamond wedding ring sets from a jeweler who provides certificates from grading entities like the GIA or AGS.

Remembering these points when purchasing diamond wedding ring sets will help you to avoid the mistakes mentioned above.

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