What Are Solitaire Wedding Sets?

Bridal Wedding Rings

Solitaire diamond bridal sets are one of the most popular bridal wedding rings in the world. From the perspective of jewelry, a solitaire can be defined as a single diamond or any other gemstone that is fixed on a piece of jewelry. The solitaire design is mostly used in the making of bridal wedding rings.

The diamond and the setting are the two major parts in a solitaire ring. These rings are available in a lot of varieties in the market, each differing in its size, shape color, etc. The solitaire rings are both available with large stones with high carat weights and also with small stones with lower carat weights. These rings are also available in several styles.

Price  and Parts of a Solitaire Ring

Since solitaire rings are available in huge varieties, choosing the best among those depends on the personal preference of the buyer. These rings are not only available at different styles but also at different budgets to satisfy different customers with different budgets. The diamond and the setting are the two major parts in a solitaire ring. The most common metals used to make these rings are yellow gold and white gold.

Presently platinum is also commonly seen in the making of the bridal rings due to its durability and also due to its beautiful shining texture. The stone is the most important component of a solitaire ring, since, it is the stone that gives the significance to that ring. The type of stone depends on the buyer since if the buyer is ready to spend a huge amount on the ring, then a diamond solitaire ring is available and if their budget is lower, then rings embedded with other gemstones are also available.

Significance and History of a Solitaire Ring

Each diamond ring has its own significance and each of them symbolizes a different matter. These ring designs are considered as the ultimate symbol of both beauty and tradition. This type of ring is more preferred for wedding occasions because it symbolizes the love between the bride and the groom. It is also a symbolic representation that the love between the partners will always be pure and flawless.

Diamonds are the strongest natural substance in this world, and there is a common belief among the society that diamonds are bought for an eternity. This belief has given the diamond solitaire ring a different meaning that is the relation between a couple will always remain strong and their love will last till the end of the world. These rings symbolize that the love between the two people getting married is forever.

Till the 15th century, diamond rings were not a part of the wedding. During that time, diamonds were one of the most expensive and rare objects in the world. The tradition of gifting a diamond wedding ring was started by the Archduke of Austria by giving a solitaire diamond ring to his beloved during their wedding. During that era, the diamonds ring not only symbolized love and affection but also the power and status of people in the society. Presently these diamond rings are freely available all across the globe at a much lower price than that was availed in the past.

Types of Solitaire Diamond Ring

Solitaire diamond engagement rings are available in many different styles in the market. They vary depending on the material used for the setting, and also on the size and shape of the diamond used in the ring. some of the most commonly seen styles based on the shape of the diamond are as follows.

Round Cut

It is the most common cut of the diamonds available in the market. It is so popular due to its aesthetic beauty and brilliant cut. Due to the presence of 58 facets, these rings will never get outdated and will reflect the light till eternity.

Princess Cut

The princess cut is the most popular diamond available in the economy range. It comprises both the elegance of tradition and also the beauty of the modern age. The smooth face with sharp edges is the most attractive part of these diamonds.

Oval Cut

This cut is similar to that of round cut, which provides it with an elegant look as that of a round cut. This is the shape of the diamond that provides both a loving and traditional effect on the eyes of the viewers.

Cushion Cut

The cushion cut is one of the most modern designs found in diamonds. With a square shape with a round face and curved edges, it is one of the most different diamond cuts ever. Presently it is one of the most commonly used diamond designs due to its beautiful sparkling effects.

However, a diamond solitaire engagement ring is one of the best rings available in the market. Due to its historic appeal and also its symbolic structure, it plays a major role in exhibiting the relation of two partners.

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