Why Should You Consider Moonstone Wedding Rings?

Bridal Set Wedding Rings
Bridal Set Wedding Rings

Did you know that most people like what is popular and trending? The golden ratio proves that our likes are influenced by trends. But not all of us follow the trend. Some desire things that catch attention with their uniqueness. Quite a few times such ideas become new trends.

The same theory applies to gemstones. We are familiar with wedding rings made of sapphire, emerald, ruby, and other expensive stones. But, have you heard of moonstone? This gemstone is popular for its calming aura and balancing energies. The specialty of this stone is that it has a shining, iridescent exterior and unconventional appearance.

History Of Moonstone

There are many stories connected to moonstones. According to the Greeks and Romans, moonstones grow from moon beans and are associated with lunar deities. In India, it is believed to bring beautiful dreams. If you are looking for something different as a wedding ring, moonstone rings are a perfect choice.

Why Should You Buy A Moonstone Bridal Set Wedding Rings?

When there are several rings with better color, fame, and design, why should you get a moonstone bridal ring set? The advantages of buying a moonstone bridal ring set are:

Not Expensive

Have you ever got a chance to look at the tag of sapphire or emerald rings? A simple diamond ring alone will cost you thousands of dollars. The other gemstones are equally pricey. So, if you are on a budget, look for moonstone rings. They are not only pretty but also cheap when compared to rings of other stones. These rings also have a beautiful aura which gives a positive vibe instantly.

Available In Different Colors

Another benefit of moonstone is that it comes in various colors including yellow, gray, peach, blue, green, and pink. Its color changes depending on the thickness of the stone, giving it an iridescent shine. Blue moonstone is the rarest as it is very thin and therefore, costlier than the other colors. White moonstones are common and are thick.

Different Cuts

Even though you might have not heard of moonstones, they are available in different cuts and designs like other gemstones. This means that you can get moonstones from any jewelry store.


When it comes to accessories that have to be worn every day, most of us prefer something simple. Moonstones are simple, classy, and exquisite which are qualities that a wedding ring should have. Not to mention how it’s unique look will attract people.

In short, if you are looking for a special bridal ring set that is elegant and catchy, you should consider moonstone rings.

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