A Guide To Help You Choose The Right Diamond Wedding Ring Set

Diamond Wedding Ring Sets
Diamond Wedding Ring Sets

Engagements and weddings are an important part of any person’s life, and their planning is memorable and exciting. The selection of bridal ring sets is the most pivotal part of it. However, this is one area where there is confusion because of the different terminology used by jewelers. This creates uncertainty in making the right choice, and it is necessary to avoid this. In this article we will try to understand the difference between the wedding set and bridal set; read on to know more about them.

The Difference

According to jewelers, diamond wedding ring sets include an engagement ring, matching band for the bride, and band for the groom. But a bridal set consists of the engagement ring and matching band only for the bride. However, common folks use the term wedding set for both, and it includes both engagement ring and one or more wedding rings for both bride and groom. Moreover, it would be ideal to buy a wedding set because it takes care of all the three rings in a single purchase, and you can save money on your wedding budget.

Making The Decision

When selecting the engagement ring and the wedding band, you might choose them of varying proportions, and wearing them together can make the combination look awkward. For example, a big wedding band can make the engagement ring look smaller. Not only that, it might look heavier on the slender finger of a lady. This usually happens when you try to make up for a small diamond engagement ring with a big wedding band. Also, it can make the diamond on the ring look even smaller. Furthermore, when selecting the diamond wedding ring sets, ensure that their shapes are matching. If the shapes of the band and the diamond ring are mismatching, it affects how they sit on the finger.

Also, you must be careful about combining different styles. Some are better at this than others, and if you are not confident, you must seek the assistance of the jeweler. You can also look for reference pictures on the internet and make the selection accordingly. In this way, you could avoid guessing and avoid making the wrong selection. Likewise, you might end up choosing the wrong choice of metals for the rings, and this must be avoided if their strengths are different. For example, a platinum ring can scratch a white gold ring making it look dingy.

Finally, you can either opt for readymade diamond wedding ring sets or opt for a partially customizable set.

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