About Kate Middleton’s Third Wedding Band

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Kate Middleton has one of the best-known jewelry collections among celebrities around the world. Besides her diamond engagement ring set with a blue sapphire at the center, she has a set of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Kate Middleton’s tiara from Queen Elizabeth II is also one of the most popular pieces of jewelry in the British Royal Family. Anyhow, what many eagle-eyed royal watchers may not know is her eternity wedding band.

Interestingly, it does not quite have the same wow-inducing factor as many of her other jewelry pieces have. Anyhow, the delicate wedding band has a simple yet sweet story. It is regarded as a piece that she got from her husband Prince William for their child, Prince George’s birth. It is not technically her ‘wedding ring’.

As you might already know, Kate Middleton has three jewelry pieces on her engagement ring finger. Aside from the two rings mentioned above, she rocks her actual Welsh gold wedding band. Are you confused? If you are, do not think that it only happens to you. Many other people also mistakenly think that this is her Welsh gold ring.

The Duchess of Cambridge seldom chooses not to wear this piece. Anyhow, the wedding ring is so delicate that it tends to go unnoticed when put near the sapphire and diamonds-set ring from Princess Diana. There are some small diamonds with a brilliant-cut set in the jewelry piece. You may buy wedding ring set with diamonds and a design like those in her band.

The bulkier wedding ring of Kate Middleton is made with gold sourced from the Clogau Gold Mine adjacent to Bontddu. In 2018, some publications reported that the ring was not the only push present she got from Prince William. In Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding, Kate Middleton wore a ring set with citrine. Several people felt that that citrine ring was also a piece she got from William to mark Prince Louis’s birth, but this is not true.

Kate Middleton has had that ring many years before the wedding. A HELLO! Magazine reader noticed that the royal person was photographed with the ring on her finger in 2008.

Purchasing jewelry pieces in the form of push presents is turning into a UK Royal Family tradition. Meghan Markle also got one of these from Prince Harry to mark their child, Archie’s birth.

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