Best Diamond Wedding Ring Sets

When you plan the onset of your happily ever after a journey of marriage, you have a bulky list of things that you have to plan. You have to take dozens of decisions starting from the wedding day to the wedding destination and choosing a perfect wedding band that complements your engagement ring perfectly is not a task that you can make compromises on.

Your wedding ring is one accessory that you wear for the rest of your life and it is more a need than a want for the ring to have a timeless charm about it. This explains why many prefer timeless designs to trending ultra modern ones even though there is nothing wrong with the latter. Here is an attractive list of diamond wedding ring sets that can please people fond of traditional designs and people who want to experiment with something out of the box.

Miadora Black And White Diamond Set

If you are on the hunt for a diamond color that can add an unconventional charm to your wedding ring set, you could always go for black diamonds without giving it a second thought. Miadora black and white diamond set is a three-stoned bridal ring set with tiny white diamonds complementing the black stones, making the ring interplay of dark and light shades.

Matching wedding bands has white diamonds arranged in a geometric milgrain pattern making the ring look unique like your love story. The wedding bands are made of 10k white gold and each has a width of 4.8mm. The total carat weight of the diamonds is 3 carats.

De Couer Halo Set

The wedding ring set features sparkling white diamonds perfectly placed on a yellow gold band creating layers of halos. The set has three rings and in the central ring, a swirl of white diamonds are set in halos and are surrounded by two pave set delicate bands on either side.

Each of the three bands measures 2.4 mm and the diamonds have a carat weight of 2/5.

Pompeii3 14 Carat White Gold Ring Set

The center stone of the engagement ring in this set is flanked on the sides by quality round cut diamonds giving it the eye-catching sparkle that people note in the very first look. The wedding band with a total of 22 high shine stones matches the engagement ring so well and boosts the sparkle of the set further.

The bands are made of 14 k white gold and each of the bands is 2mm wide. The diamonds of the set weigh 2 carats.

3 Carat Rose Gold Halo Set

The set has an engagement band made of rose gold that gives the set a vintage flair while the complimentary wedding ring with its scalloped pattern adds a modern touch to the ring set. The centerpiece of the set is the eye-catching human made diamond and the set is available with bands made of rose gold, yellow gold, or two-tone gold.

Gispandiamonds Engagement Ring Set

If you want to add the charm of blue to your wedding ring set, you could always go for the Gispandiamonds set. The center stone is round cut sapphire held by a prong setting and set in 14 k white gold with the quality cut 0.5 carats white diamonds going so well with the blue center stone. The wedding band matches well with the engagement ring and looks lovely even when worn without the engagement ring.

Lafonn Joined At The Heart Cushion Cut Ring

If you prefer modern ring styles to vintage designs, there is no doubt you will fall for this ring set that has a cushion cut center diamond. The halo of diamonds that surround the center stone gives it a square shape different from traditional rings that look round. The bands that accompany the centerpiece to come with sparklers that will earn you the admiration of people on your wedding day.

The bands are made of sterling silver bonded with platinum and they have a width of 1/16 inches. The diamonds in the ring set have a carat size of 1.81.

De Couer Framed Halo Ring Set

If you want to buy something with an antique charm about it, this rose gold wedding ring set would serve the purpose so well. Marquise cut diamonds are placed in a milgrain fashion in the engagement ring and the sparkly wedding band is specifically designed to enhance the vintage flair of the engagement ring.

The bands are made of 10 K rose gold and they are 2.2 mm wide. The diamonds in the set has a carat weight of 0.5.

It is not always easy to get a wedding band that is a perfect match for your engagement ring and to be freed from the burden of this task, most people prefer buying wedding ring sets. After all, the wedding and engagement rings are going to be on your ring finger all through your life and if they do not complement each other, it will give an odd look to your ring finger.

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