Best Non-Traditional Engagement Ring Designs

Bridal Ring Sets

Are you a person who desire for a unique and distinct design for your bridal ring sets? Then, we have handpicked some fabulous ring designs for you. These bridal wedding sets are ideal for brides who dare to be different.

Your engagement ring and wedding band should be a reflection of your personality and style. Hence, if you are a person with a different attitude, traditional rings may not do justice to your character. Hence, it is better to go for something unusual and uncommon for your special day as it will help you to stand out amongst the others. Following are some ring designs that you can give a try if you want something special for your engagement or wedding.

Ring Stack

Although this is one of the trendy ready-to-wear rings, it is still rarely used as an engagement or wedding ring. Hence, it makes a fantastic option if you want an unexpected look on your big day. Usually, it will have black diamonds which look cool and edgy, but you can change it for white diamonds or any other gemstones as you like.

Cluster Ring

This is a stunning design that is making its way into the engagement and wedding ring trends. You can choose several stones or two larger stones that are arranged side by side for this style. Selecting diamonds or gemstones with different colors that complement each other will make this ring even more beautiful.

Twig-Inspired Band

This is a great choice for nature lovers. This unconventional ring design will suit artsy type as well as bohemian brides who are looking for an organic and free-spirited flair. It looks like it is just carved out of a twig. The dark-colored center stone gives this ring a rustic look.

Double Pearl Ring

Pearls always add beauty to a piece of jewelry, but they are less common in wedding ring sets. This will give you a distinct look apart from the traditional looks that diamonds or gemstones provide. Therefore, this ring is ideal for brides if they want a non-traditional and eye-catching ring.

Opal and Rose Gold Ring

This design will have a blue opal set on a band of rose gold. You can add diamonds or other gemstones to this ring for making it more appealing. The vivid and bold color of a bright blue opal stone is something that you would rarely see on a bride. Opals generally symbolize love and passion and blue opals are particularly associated with the communication. They are said to provide stress reduction and emotional balance, hence, they make a unique choice for wedding ring sets.

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