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The wedding is one of the most auspicious and significant occasions in the life of almost every person and so is the wedding ring that ties you and your partner in an eternal relationship. Usually, most people may focus solely on the center diamond of a ring as they do their shopping for the bridal wedding sets. Needless to mention, you may thoroughly evaluate the 4C’s of a diamond that includes its cut, carat weight, clarity, and color grade plus many other essential elements. Even though these factors are important, considering only the quality and beauty of the main gemstone is a huge and expensive diamond ring buying mistake.

Of course, the center stone is the most important part of a ring and you must make sure of its quality. However, let me remind you that the beauty of a diamond ring does not lie exclusively in the main gemstone.  Rather, the true charisma of a sparkler is defined by the collective appeal of every single element that the ring boasts. This includes the accent stones, diamond ring setting, diamond band designs, etc. Undoubtedly, an embellished solitaire diamond ring will be way more attractive than its simple and plain counterpart. On a related note, the main feature that makes a notable difference in the beauty of your diamond band is the accent diamonds or side stones.

The significance of side stones

Ideally, the role of accent stones in a ring is to border the main gemstone and enhance its appeal. Hence, you must make sure that the side stones you choose do not distract the attention of people from the main gemstone. One of the ideal options for side stones is baguettes. The tapered corners and elongated rectangular silhouette of baguettes are perfect to achieve this objective. Anyhow, there are numerous other side stone options that can enhance the beauty of your diamond ring instantly. Hence, you are likely to find it a bit tricky to choose the perfect side stone for your ring. To tackle this, you may go through some frequently asked questions about choosing the perfect accent diamonds.

How many side stones should you consider?

The number of diamonds on your rings will highly influence its design. If your lifestyle and budget allow, you may add as many diamonds as you want to your ring. One of the popular and classic options that you may consider is the three stone diamond ring setting. In this design, the main gemstone will be flanked with an accent diamond on each side. Similarly, some people may admire the five stone diamond ring settings. Actually, this depends on the personal preference of the wearer. Note that more the number of diamonds; better the brilliance as well as the appeal of the ring.  However, there are certain things that you must keep in mind as you decide on the number of your side stones. Firstly, larger number of accent diamonds will make the design of your ring complex. Hence, it will not be a suitable option for daily use and, thereby, for diamond engagement or wedding rings. Secondly, the designer will have to craft a separate setting for each stone making more room for you to clean. Additionally, the larger number of finer elements in the ring demands the necessity of regular maintenance and repairs in the future. In simple words, diamonds with more number of stones not only requires regular maintenance and repairs but also is relatively harder to clean. Hence, go for this only if you can follow dedicates your time, energy, and money on it in the future.

What is the ideal size for a side stone?

Unlike the number of side stones, the size of accent diamonds cannot be chosen depending solely on your personal preference. It is to be noted that choosing accents that feature a higher carat size than the center stone is a big no-no since it will distract the attention of viewers from the main gemstone. The job of accents is to underscore but boost up the overall bling, size, or beauty of the center diamond. On the contrary, if your diamond ring features a limited number of accents, try not to make it too smaller. Otherwise, the overall proportion of your sparkler is likely to look imbalanced. In short, the key is to make sure that the sidestones perfectly balance the overall design of your ring.

How to choose the perfect side stone settings

As mentioned earlier, each side stone requires independent setting. This is highly important to ensure the security of your valuable accent stone. Plus, it contributes to the overall beauty of your ring. Some of the crucial factors that depend on ideal side stone settings of your diamond wedding sets include;

  • Protection from external shocks
  • The ease of cleaning
  • Relatively less maintenance and repairs
  • The visibility of diamonds
  • Durability of stones
  • The chances for gemstones to fall out

There are numerous diamond ring setting options and you may choose the one that perfectly fits your requirements. Note that while the prong setting offers more visibility and brilliance to diamond, a channel setting will be perfect to secure the stones. Altogether, consider side stones that equally balance, beautify, and secure your bridal wedding sets.

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