Different Ways In Which You Can Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

Diamond Engagement Ring Set
Diamond Engagement Ring Set

Engagement rings are most likely one of our most beloved things, and we have undoubtedly held them near to our hearts for decades. Nonetheless, most people wish they could give it a new twist. There’s nothing wrong with considering a new engagement ring. In fact, with so many different types flooding the market, it’s getting more common. Your style evolves with time, and your jewelry preferences do as well.

Let’s take a look at some of the different ways in which you can upgrade your diamond engagement ring sets.

Update Your Ring Setting

Updating your ring setting can be difficult at times—for example, if you currently have a halo setting—but you can usually change your setting while keeping your gemstones. Classic rounded prongs can be changed into powerful double claw prongs, and a basic solitaire can be changed into an accentuated sparkler. Almost anything you can think of can be accomplished.

Update Your Center Diamond

The most straightforward approach is to replace your center diamond. It’s also one of the priciest options. If you’re starting to feel like your basic Round Brilliant is becoming a little too typical, it is always possible to upgrade it to what you’ve always desired. If you’ve been saving something pricier, this is a terrific alternative.

Improve Your Accent Stones

If you have a few accent stones around your center diamond, but you’ve always wanted something a little more glistening, adding a few more accents to your whole shank can radically transform the look. Simple becomes glitzy, and it will undoubtedly be the focus of attention. You can even add peek-a-boo decorations to the profile view to give the wearer a little something extra.

Try A Different Diamond Cut

If you opted classic with a Round Brilliant or Princess cut, a modification is occasionally necessary. You can change the form of your center diamond to one that is more appropriate for your age. Even though this is a rare feature, many diamond stores offer a trade-up program where you can swap in your old diamond engagement set for a new one.

Change The Color

Replace colorless diamonds with more colorful shades like sapphire or emerald if you’re willing to replace your center stone. This is an excellent option for three-stone engagement rings or accented designs. Colors of birthstones can be chosen to reflect your children, significant other, or someone else special to you. Colored stones can not only completely transform the appearance of your ring, but they can also lend a very particular significance to it.

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