Does the Color of Diamonds Really Matter?

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Unlike olden days, people prefer buying wedding rings sets rather than independent sparklers now. After all, this is one of the best ways to show off their amazing relationship in the most beautiful way. However, you must always inspect the diamonds on your band thoroughly irrespective of whether you are choosing diamond wedding sets or independent bands. After all, it is the most expensive piece on your band and is meant to last for a lifetime.

When it comes to diamonds, the best way to determine its quality is by checking its 4C’s; the cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. Out of these, most people will be clear about everything but color. The impact of color on the appeal as well as the quality of a diamond is still confusing. While the appeal of a stone mainly depends on the personal preference of the wearer, the ‘the less is more’ policy is usually considered when speaking about the diamond quality and the impact of color tints.

Does the Diamond Color Really Matter?

Diamonds are formed as a result of the immense pressure and temperature exerted on its carbon structure by Mother Nature. During the process, some other elements tend to mix with the carbon atoms forming some color tints within diamonds. As mentioned earlier, white diamonds are valued for its lack of color. Hence, lesser the color tints; higher will be its price. In other words, completely colorless diamonds will be the most expensive ones. However, it is almost impossible to find such natural white diamonds.

How to Choose the Best Diamond Color for your Wedding Band?

You are likely to spot three color tints in a white diamond; brown, yellow, grey. Depending on the presence of foreign elements in its atomic structure, the intensity of these color tints tend to vary from nearly unnoticeable to quite obvious. This will surely affect the price of your gemstones and, thereby, your diamond wedding ring sets. However, it is always recommended to choose a visually colorless diamond rather than a perfect colorless option.

The latter will be incredibly expensive. Plus, it will be challenging or impossible even for a gemstone expert spot the difference between the two options unless looked at your gemstones using a diamond loupe. To pick a visually colorless stone, ask your jeweler to show diamonds of varying color ranges; inspect them together as well as individually. Finally, pick the one that offers the best radiance. Plus, choose a metal setting that can hide the color tints or enhance the color appeal of your diamonds to get the best bang for your bucks.

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