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If you have seen the symbol of hands holding a gemstone with a crown above it, you know what a Claddagh ring looks like. It has an intersecting design, so you are perhaps wondering where it comes from and why people wear it differently. If that is the case, you will be glad to know that here we have more details about this type of ring.

The History of Claddagh Ring

These rings come from the Irish town named Claddagh. These pieces bear the city’s name, but it is not clear as to who first designed this ring. All we know are thought-to-be-true information about this.

Many believe Claddagh rings were the work of an Irish Sailor named Richard Joyce. A resident of the Claddagh village, Joyce decided to visit the new world back in the seventeenth century. On way to the Caribbean Islands, Joyce was captured by some pirates who then sold him to slavery, where he became the assistant of a goldsmith. He was skilled at jewelry making, and so was at stealing gold specks from his master. He could go back to his lady love in Galway, Claddagh after the abolishment of slavery. Then, he used the stolen gold to fashion his love what is supposedly the first Claddagh ring in history.

However, a goldsmith named Bartholomew Fallon from Galway seems to be the one who made some of the first examples of Irish Claddagh rings. As a matter of fact, several existing pieces of jewelry bear his mark.

Therefore, the original maker of Claddagh rings is not clear. We are not certain of that, but we are sure that these are Roman-inspired rings.

The Roman people developed the tradition of giving fede rings to their friends as tokens of friendship. That word represents ‘mani in fede’, a phrase meaning ‘hands clasped in faith’.

Fede rings had clasped hands, and occasionally holding hearts. Whoever designed the Claddagh ring first surely based its design on fede ring, but incorporated a crown to it for extra significance.

What Does it Signify?

The elements on Claddagh rings represent loyalty, friendship and love. The crown is the symbol of loyalty, the hands the token of friends and the heart of love.

Owing to the significance of all these elements, this ring is given as a symbol of friendship even today. However, it is usually used to represent romance, and can also be used as an engagement ring, promise ring or a wedding ring.

Some also purchase it as a memento of an enjoyable Irish holiday, or probably in honor of their Irish ancestry. Some rings even have Celtic knots symbolizing their Irish heritage.

Is it Always Made of Gold?

Fede rings of Romans were often gold, and legend has it that Richard Joyce created the first-ever Claddagh ring from this metal. So, yellow gold is the most conventional metal for a Claddagh ring.

However, no rule is set in stone saying that it has to be fully traditional. Modern pieces are often made with other precious metals.

If you prefer to buck the tradition, consider choosing rose gold, white gold, or if you are daring, black gold. Some of today’s Claddagh rings are made using other metals, such as black tungsten. You can also find these modern pieces in bridal ring sets.

Do Claddagh Rings Have Gemstones?

Yes, absolutely. Traditional rings are made of only precious metal, but the modern ones often use colorful gemstones too.

Popular choices are emerald, diamond, sapphire, peridot, and green gemstones that acknowledge the Claddagh ring’s Irish origins.

Another fantastic choice for the ring is a birthstone. Giving somebody a ring with his or her birthstone is a good way of showing just how much he or she means to you.

How to Wear It

You should rock a Claddagh ring on your finger in some specific ways, depending on your present romantic situation.

When You Are Dating

If your heart beats for someone, wear it on the right-hand finger with the tip of this ring’s heart pointing to you. This shows your heart has already been captured.

When You Are Engaged

You can also use it as a gemstone engagement ring. When you are engaged, just wear it on the left-hand finger with the Claddagh’s heart facing outwards.

When You are a Married Person

The beauty of a Claddagh ring is this piece can double as an engagement ring and wedding band. After you are married, keep your engagement ring on the left hand itself, but turn it around to make the heart of the piece points inwards.

Can Men Also Wear Claddagh Rings?

A person of any gender can wear these. Claddagh rings designed for men often have wider bands, hence these are heavier and more square-cut than the rounder finish seen on the ones for women.

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