Five Mistakes That Can Ruin your Diamond Wedding Rings

Bridal Wedding Rings
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The wedding is one of the most significant and auspicious occasions in the life of almost every couple. After all, it marks a timeless relationship with your partner that is filled with love, devotion, loyalty, and friendship. As you begin this new phase in your life, the main thing that you are likely to consider is your diamond wedding ring. Note that a wedding band is defined as the symbol of eternal love and commitment shared by a couple. Hence, it holds utmost importance.

When you purchase a diamond wedding ring, you may take a number of factors into account. Some of those common factors include the design, type of gemstone, setting, metal choice, etc., of your band. You may also think about whether or not to choose a sparkler that enhances the beauty of your exquisite diamond engagement ring, whether to choose matching wedding band sets, etc.

Even though all these factors are important, the real issue that you must consider is regarding the caring and maintenance of your stunning bridal wedding rings. On a related note, you must maintain your sparkler in proper condition so that it looks effortlessly timeless and spectacular even after many decades. Plus, a decent diamond wedding band may cost a good share of your savings.

Now, most of you might be wondering how hard would it be to take care of a band that is encrusted with multiple resplendent diamonds. Actually, it is way harder than you think to take care of your gleaming trinket. In fact, most people tend to make some common mistakes that can easily ruin the appeal as well as the longevity of their diamond wedding band sets. Some of those wedding band handling mistakes that you must avoid at any cost are given below.

Not Taking Off your Ring While Taking a Shower

Most people tend to put on their bridal wedding rings while taking a shower. Note that there is a common misconception that this will clean your glistening bauble and make it even more appealing. Sadly, things are not that easy. On the other hand, the chemical compounds in your shampoo, body gel, soap, etc., are likely to damage your wedding band. Additionally, take special care while applying scrub while wearing a diamond ring since the abrasive particles in your exfoliator can scratch the surface of your valuable gemstone and some metal bands.

You Keep it Aside and Forget it

Some couples will be aware of the risks of wearing diamond bridal wedding rings while indulging in strenuous activities. Hence, they may usually take their ring off during such cases. However, some proud diamond wedding ring owners tend to leave their expensive diamond bands at dangerous locales such as a bathroom shelf, kitchen sink, etc. Note that these places are not at all ideal for stashing your diamond jewelry pieces. When it comes to bathroom shelves, the chances for your ring to fall off and hitting hard on the floor are high. In the case of the kitchen sink, the filmy water can make your diamonds look as dull as lifeless. Hence, always store your priceless diamond wedding bands in a safer locale such as a proper ring box or diamond ring stashing dish.

Using the Wrong Diamond Ring Cleaner

Some people may try cleaning their diamond rings on their own instead of taking it to a professional. They think that this will save both their money and time. Nevertheless, there are some risks associated with self-cleaning. You must have a clear idea regarding the type of ring cleaner appropriate to clean your sparkle. Note that there are numerous diamond ring cleaners available in the market. However, not every cleaner is ideal to clean all type of diamond rings.

Some cleaners will be quite strong and abrasive and will not be ideal to clean a ring that features precious gemstones and softer metals. Some people may play it safe by simply cleaning their bridal wedding rings using a solution of mild soap and water. It is worth noting that this will be a huge blunder if your diamond band feature opal stones since it should never be dipped or submerged in water.

Unskilled Way of Diamond Ring Cleaning

The chances for you to disturb the diamond ring settings are high when you clean your diamond rings on your own. Unlike skilled people, you will not have a clear idea regarding where to exert pressure and where not to. Undoubtedly, it will be extremely saddening and heartbreaking to see your diamonds falling out of the setting when you clean it. It can cost you even more bucks as well to set it back. Worse, you are likely to lose your expensive diamonds.

Wearing your Diamond Rings While Cooking

Even though most diamond ring users tend to take off their sparklers when doing some strenuous activities, they often overlook cooking. It is to be noted that there are different types of food items that can ruin the appeal and longevity of your gleaming trinkets. For instance, it is never a good idea to knead flour, marinate or tenderize meat, make homemade pasta, etc., wearing your diamond wedding bands. The dough particles can easily get trapped between intricate setting and tiny gaps of your ornament. Plus, some oily and dusty food dishes can make the gemstones on your bridal wedding rings cloudy by forming a gross coating on it.

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