Popular Diamond Choices For Engagement Rings

Brilliant Cut Diamonds
Brilliant Cut Diamonds

A beautiful engagement ring studded with dazzling diamonds can be a cherished possession. Diamonds symbolize eternal love and happiness. Most women prefer diamonds for their precious jewelry because of the beauty and symbolic value of these stones. Some of the popular diamond choices for engagement rings are as follows.

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

Brilliant cut is the most popular diamond cut because of its outstanding light performance. A one carat round brilliant cut diamond would make an excellent center stone for any diamond ring since it’s versatile, universal shape can be used in many ring styles. The round brilliant cut would give a trendy look to any ring style you choose for your engagement ring, including a classic1 carat center diamond ring.

With proper lighting, the round shaped diamond exhibits the maximum fire of the diamond and this is the exact reason why this shape is preferred by many for their exquisite ring designs. Round brilliant cut diamonds can make amazing solitaires and beautiful rings with two or three stone settings, in addition to fitting well in geometric designs that provide a retro look to engagement rings.

The Princess Cut Diamond

Just as the name indicates, this excellent cut can make any stone look prettier on the fingers of a bride-to-be. Almost any ring style can be adorned with this versatile shape with the face up and rectangular or square faces on the side. The princess cut can provide a much-coveted modern look with geometrical designs and settings. The cut has a lot of brilliance and is an ideal choice for those searching for a less expensive alternative to the most popular and classic round brilliant cut diamonds. Princess cut diamonds tend to come loose or get damaged if not studded in a protective setting.

The Cushion Cut Diamond

The square cut with rounded corners makes this diamond resemble a pillow. It has 58 large facets that contribute to the brilliance of this stone. Though not as sparkly as the brilliant cut ones, the cushion cut diamonds are sought after for their old-world vibe and their ability to fit well with vintage designs and settings.

An engagement ring with a modern design or a vintage one, today’s diamond market presents a number of choices in the 4Cs of diamonds and the setting and style of the ring. You can choose a ring design with a unique stone that goes well with your personality.

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