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Promise rings, engagement rings, bridal set wedding rings, eternity rings are all different terms we hear in the jewelry industry. Each of the rings has its own meanings and usages. The world of rings can be confusing and mind-blowing at the same time. For guys who are not used to jewelry and rings, it can be a difficult task to buy the ideal ring for the partner. It is necessary for such people to have a clear understanding of rings so that it will be easy for them to make the choice when the time comes.

What Exactly is the Promise Ring?

A promise ring is a ring, which denotes the commitment between two people. It is not the same as the purity ring that often signifies the promise of abstinence until marriage. However, there is nothing wrong if a promise ring is used with such a meaning to it.

Most often, promise rings are exchanged before the engagement to denote the long commitment that a man and woman have to each other. It is also a pledge that they will be engaged very soon. This is done usually when there can be a long time gap until the engagement officially happens. It is often true with long-distance romances.

Lately, the promise rings are being used with a different purpose. People who plan dream proposals use it. Instead of buying a lifetime engagement ring, they use a promise ring to propose to their love. Many men do this because this helps the girl to choose an engagement ring later of her liking. There would not be any risk of the girl not liking the engagement ring that he buys for her.

Difference between an Engagement Ring and a Promise Ring

An engagement ring is the representation of the surety that you are going to get married soon. However, a promise ring can just be the symbol of a commitment that one person has made to another person. The promise rings are often simpler than the engagement rings. In some cases, the promise ring will be something resembling the original engagement ring.

Buying a promise ring and gifting it to your partner can be an excellent thing. It will help you in knowing more about settings, metal types, ring sizes, etc. This can help you a lot in buying the engagement ring later. However, keep in mind that buying and gifting a promise ring is not a compulsory thing to do.

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