Protecting Your Diamonds from Being Switched

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Many of you are afraid to leave the diamonds with a jeweler out of fear that they may switch their diamond for a diamond of lower quality. While it is true that jewelers can switch your diamonds while it is in their custody, a very small minority actually does it. This is because the rewards are not worth losing their reputation by indulging in such an activity. If diamond wedding ring sets are to be switched successfully, the difference in quality should be considerably high between the two sets. This would again make it apparent and easy to detect. Below is a discussion on the different ways recommended to ensure your diamond is not switched.

Laser Inscription or The Diamond ID

In case your diamond has a grading report, it will probably have a laser inscription along its edge. This includes engravings of numbers and letters which act as identifiers that could be read using a loupe. When you check your diamond’s certificate, you should be able to find the same ID there. When you visit the jeweler to get the diamond back after a repair, make sure you read this engraving under magnification and confirm the number. Remember that if your stone does not have an inscription, you can get it done at a diamond grading lab by paying a service fee for the same.

Diamond Inclusions or the “Birthmarks”

A laser inscription is a great way to identify the diamond. However, if you do not have one, you can use the inclusions to identify them. There might be visible inclusions in diamonds. View the diamond carefully under magnification and make a mental note of these. When you visit the jeweler again, try to see if they are present. If the bridal wedding sets have these inclusions, you can confirm that they are yours.

Diamond Plot or A Map of Inclusions

A diamond plot refers to a map prepared to mark all the inclusions in your diamond. It is mostly a part of the diamond grading report. As every diamond is unique, you can use the document to confirm the identity of the diamond when you visit the jeweler to get your diamond back after repairs.

Remember to Cross-Check Your Diamond at the Store

Make sure you check the diamond while you are still at the store. In case you forget this, it would be difficult to prove that the diamond is the same as the one they provided you.

Ensure these simple steps before you buy diamonds to prevent switching at any cost.

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