Top Ideas For Customizing Your Wedding Ring Set

Bridal Wedding Rings
Bridal Wedding Rings

Many couples today are opting for custom bridal wedding rings. Just like you and your partner’s love, custom rings are unique. The task of creating something beautiful and professional that your partner will love may seem daunting if you’re not a designer yourself.

The truth is, creating the perfect, personalized ring isn’t all that difficult. There are many beautiful ideas that will help you to design a perfect ring. That means you do not have to buy wedding ring sets that are not unique.

Here are some ideas for customizing your wedding ring sets.

Hidden Gemstones

An accent stone that represents your birthstone or your partner’s birthstone can be added to your engagement ring or wedding band. In this way, the gemstone is embedded in the ring’s band in a way that no one else can see. Alternatively, the gemstone can be tucked into a small platinum basket under the center diamond.

Consider Engravings

Engravings are probably the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about ways to customize your wedding rings. Initials, important dates, phrases, and location coordinates are examples of meaningful engravings. For example, sound waves of them saying “I love you” or a fingerprint outline has become more popular in recent years.

Mix With A Family Heirloom

One of the great things about having an heirloom in the family is that it can be a great way to mix the old with the new. As long as the setting has been passed down through generations, adding a new center stone can make the ring your own while still maintaining the heirloom quality. Another possibility is that you have a special stone in your family that you would like to incorporate into a new ring. Using your existing diamond, jewelers will help you design a great ring. In this way, your ring will be a beautiful mix of the past and the future.

Nostalgic Numbers

If you and your partner have a special number, incorporate this number into your wedding band as a symbol of your relationship. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the date you first met or how many years you’ve been together. In addition to the number of diamonds in the halo, the number of diamonds on the shoulders next to the center diamond, or any other placement of diamonds in your ring can also be a special detail that can make you smile every time you look at the ring.

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