Ways to Find a Wedding Ring That Complements your Engagement Ring

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Finding a gorgeous wedding ring when you already have an attractive engagement ring is quite a difficult task. It can be a really intense and stressful process, given that there would be a lot of things to consider when buying something to match. One of the biggest things to watch is the way any wedding ring would look when placed next to your engagement ring.

It is not a usual process for a bride to wear both rings together at the same time, nor is it common to wear her engagement ring daily. However, if at all you end up wearing the two together, paying close attention to the way they match would help in finding out how the rings complement one another.

Matching the Rings

The best way to match rings together, is by choosing a bridal set right off the bat. Such a set consists of an engagement ring with a matching wedding ring. In the trio set, you would be able to find a matching ring for the groom as well. All bridal sets have rings that are coordinated so as to match each other. Many look conservative and traditional. However, more and more brides can be seen drifting away from this tradition, experimenting with the colors and styles, and creating new and beautiful ring combinations.

You wouldn’t have to follow any rules while doing this. Each of your rings would definitely have different emotions connected with it, and wearing rings of unlike styles shows you are open to change. The wedding and engagement rings should be chosen in such a way that, you should love the look they bring collectively, even after a bunch of years have passed. Therefore, it is very important for your wedding ring to get along very well with your engagement ring.

Width of The Ring

The general rule that is to be followed when choosing rings is that both the rings stay of equal width. This would bring out a balanced look in the midst of the two rings. However, choosing rings with equal width could be hard sometimes. This is because; in some engagement rings you would find the band getting thinner as it moves closer to the center stone. Moreover, some rings may have different widths based on their design. In these cases, it would be best to choose the wedding ring with the same side width as the engagement ring.

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