2 Great Settings for Engagement Rings Stones

Diamond Wedding Ring Sets
Engagement Rings Stone Settings

Choosing the perfect ring is not as easy as it sounds, and it sounds hard enough to begin with. Diamond wedding ring sets are sold aplenty to appease men and women that fail to land a worthy decision in the given time. For those willing to persevere, this is a huge process requiring an almost endless number of decisions. One of the biggest is directly linked to choosing the right stone setting. Deciding the rest becomes a lot easier after that.

Bezel Setting

The bezel setting consists of a strip of metal that holds the gemstone safely by wrapping around it. This setting is most suitable for people with a vigorous lifestyle, who use their hands a lot for daily activities. The bezel is a more common setting among nursing professionals than other diamond wedding ring sets, as it well suits their lifestyle.

Types of Bezel Setting

The bezel setting has two types: the full bezel, and the partial bezel.

In the full bezel setting, the metal would be wrapping the stone fully. This setting is very safe, but may not be the perfect option for someone who wishes to give more importance to the diamond centerpiece. In the partial bezel setting, the stone is not covered fully – its sides are left open.


  • This setting offers more security to the centerpiece and makes the damage as small as possible.
  • The flaws of the diamond along its edges would be hidden in this setting.


  • It is costlier than other diamond settings, as it requires more metal and skillful craftsmanship.

Tiffany Setting

In 1886, Tiffany & Co created and trademarked the engagement ring style known as the Tiffany setting. The most common way used to hold gemstones on the ring at that time, made use of bezels, or kept the stone low on the band with an ornamental touch. This setting has six prongs made up of an engineered collet, each equidistant from its opposite; the center diamond of the band is raised high.


  • It keeps a good balance in holding the diamond centerpiece safe, as well as making the ring look beautiful.
  • The diamond is raised over the band, making it sparkle very well.
  • This setting makes the diamond appear to be larger.


  • The Tiffany setting, just like any other prong setting, could catch on the daily objects.
  • The prongs could wear out over time, changing the position of the diamond.

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