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The thought of proposing to your better half can be a bit overwhelming, especially when it comes to choosing a diamond ring to epitomize your love. After all, choosing a diamond ring that complements the style of your partner is not that simple. Luckily, most couples prefer to do their diamond engagement ring shopping together these days. Unlike the old days, modern couples have a clear idea regarding everything and they do not simply decide to get married after a proposal. In fact, millennial couples often support each other in almost every aspect such as finance, career, etc.

A new concept called trio set is introduced to the field in order to make the entire aspect of diamond wedding ring sets easier. In a trio wedding set, there will be a bridal engagement ring and two wedding bands, one for the bride and one for the groom. A trio wedding ring set does not just symbolize that you are now married like usual diamond wedding bands. Rather, it shows off who you are married to. Below are some of the other upsides of choosing trio diamond wedding ring sets.

Matching Bands

Nowadays, brides love to match their engagement ring to complement their as well as their partner’s wedding bands. Hence, trio wedding ring sets will be a great option when compared to bridal wedding sets. Here, you can see a consistent design and pattern in all the three rings. Yet, each ring in the set tends to flaunt its own unique style. This symbolizes the union of two people as well as their individuality.


Needless to say, the chances for you to get good diamond deals will be more when you purchase them in bulk. Besides, the designs and diamond ring settings of the sparklers in trio ring sets will be similar. Hence, the effort of craftsmen will be less in this case when compared to designing individual diamond rings. This is also a reason for the reduced cost of trio wedding sets. In short, trio bands will be a smart option for all the couples who look forward to purchasing a stunning and appealing wedding ring set at a lower budget.

Refreshing Designs

A solitaire setting or eternity pave setting will be the common designs when it comes to readymade diamond wedding ring sets or bridal wedding sets. With trio diamond ring sets, you can add a touch of freshness to these clichéd timeless diamond ring sets. Note that trio rings usually feature unique and statement designs so that the wearer can stand out from the crowd.

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