Assessing the Authenticity of Platinum Diamond Wedding Ring Sets

Diamond Wedding Ring Sets
Diamond Wedding Ring Sets

So, you have decided to tie the knot. Obviously, you would be waiting for that auspicious day that marks your union with your significant other. One of the main factors that define this union with the utmost elegance and panache will be your brilliant diamond wedding ring sets. Hence, you must be really choosy and particular when it comes to zeroing in on your perfect wedding bands. After all, you will have to choose from a plethora of wedding band collection.

The main options that most people consider may include platinum, yellow gold, or white gold wedding sets. Out of these, platinum diamond wedding ring sets will be the best option that you may choose. Some couples may opt out of it because of its high expense. However, spending a bit more on your platinum wedding bands would be far better than spending thousands of dollars on other options in the future. Note that platinum diamond wedding ring sets are regarded as a one-time investment since it does not require frequent maintenance and repairs as yellow and white gold wedding sets. If you have decided to go with alluring platinum diamond bands, there are certain factors that you must consider before making your purchase.

The Authenticity of Platinum Bands

The chances for untrained people to get scammed or ripped off while choosing platinum diamond bands are more. In order to make sure that the platinum band that you choose is genuine, check for the markings on its inner band. In most cases, you will be able to see a stamp on its inner band that includes some letters and words. If it is labeled .95pt, you are holding a superior quality platinum band. The label represents that your band constitutes 95% of pure platinum metal and 5% of other metal alloys. This is actually the best option that you may get. On a related note, the markings on the inner band of a ring may change depending on the manufacturing company.

Platinum bands with a lower amount of platinum will be cheaper, but its quality as well will be comparatively less. You will have to spend a good amount on its maintenance and repairs in the future. Hence, it is always recommended to purchase higher-quality bands. Furthermore, some diamonds bands will be marked only ‘plat’ on its inner band. Be careful while purchasing such bands since it may contain lower grade platinum. On top of that, you may have to spend a hefty price for it. So, talk to your jeweler and get a proof of authenticity for your platinum bands in such cases. Otherwise, move on with your search for perfect platinum diamond wedding ring sets.

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