Different Wedding Diamond Ring Designs to Swoon Over

Diamond Wedding Sets
Diamond Ring Designs

One of the most significant factors that you may consider when it comes to your wedding planning will be your diamond wedding sets. After all, it is a beautiful symbol of your love and commitment towards your spouse. It also represents an eternal testament to all the romance, fun, and beauty you have shared with your partner. While choosing wedding bands, couples usually consider bridal wedding sets or diamond wedding sets. The former entail diamond engagement rings and wedding band for the bride whereas the latter feature diamond wedding bands for both the bride and the groom.

The latter option will be ideal for the couples who love to define their love with matching diamond ring bands. Some couples may think about the bands that simply entail your initials or the one with ‘my better half’ engraved on the ring in this case. However, this trend is long gone now. Rather, couples love to make their union as special as possible. If you are looking for unique and romantic diamond wedding sets, below are some of the perfect ideas that complement different couples.

Long distance lovers

Some couples may struggle living in distant places, mostly because of their studies or work. However, the distance of miles must not affect your love towards each other. Note that you can make your distance between you and your sweetheart a beautiful memory by designing unique wedding bands by incorporating your experience. You may choose to inscribe the coordinates of the places you live, the distance between your places, most beautiful memories you had during this separation, etc., to celebrate this long distance. Whenever you look at your ring, it will surely reflect the way the everlasting love of your partner bridged the distance.

Geeky lovers

People tend to bond over various things, especially over some common interests. Sometimes, this amazing bonding between you and your partner may blossom to love. If you and your partner share some common interests, why can’t you celebrate your unique partnership and love by etching this common interest on your wedding band? In case you are more of geeky types and met your better half on a star trek convention, incorporating any of your favorite star trek character on your band will be a great idea. This will let you flaunt your personalities as well as the love for each other. So, consult a credible diamond ring designer soon and engrave your favorite character on the inner band of your wedding ring and also set colored infinity stones in the ring to celebrate your love and fandom.

A simple band

When you are in a relationship, you are likely to hear some romantic phrases or words from your significant other. It can be some inside jokes, songs, or any other reminders of your romantic moments. Undoubtedly, these phrases or words may instantly bring a smile on your lips. So, why don’t you keep that smile eternal by inscribing any of those jokes, names, or reminders on your wedding bands along with each other’s names or initials? This will surely add an extra layer of connotation to your diamond wedding sets making it an exclusive and special asset.

Childish romance

Sometimes, you would have met your significant other when you were kids. Or, maybe, you would have fall head over heels in love with a person because of his/her childish behavior and innocence. In these cases, you may always feel young when you are with your childish sweetheart. It is to be noted that if your relationship with your better half feels exhilarating, fun, vibrant, and carefree, it will be better to design a wedding band that reflects it. For this, you may consider a wedding band that is engraved with your mimic names, inside jokes, playful designs, funny caricature, etc. Otherwise, you may choose a fidget ring that you can always play with.

A unique love

It is said that no two fingerprints are alike; so is the romance. It is worth noting that the love and commitment between two people will never be exactly the same as that of others. Hence, what will be a better option than to imprint your fingerprints on your bands? That is, imprint your fingerprint on your partner’s band and theirs on yours. This way, you can depict that you have earned the full rights on your partner. Plus, this is a unique way to cherish your past, present, and future life together. In case you are worried about the security issues, you may imprint the impression of any fingers other than the thumb on your sparkler.

A cultural union

Sometimes, the person that you love to spend the rest of your life with may belong to other culture. In this case, you will not only have to love and accept your partner but also their culture. Designing your wedding bands with cultural signs will be a great way to showcase the union of two cultures. Some of the popular cultural signs include Celtic knots, an Egyptian symbol, Chinese characters, sun, snakes, etc. Otherwise, you may engrave any cultural sign that your partner believes in on your diamond wedding setsto honor them as well as their family.

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