Dos And Don’ts Of Caring Of Your Engagement Ring

Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are important pieces of jewelry and taking care of these rings should be a top priority for you. After all, you may have spent years dreaming of your engagement ring. You will wish to keep the ring sparkly forever.

Shared below are a few dos and don’ts of taking care of your precious ring. These apply to natural diamond rings, rings with lab-grown diamonds, and other valuable stones.

Do Buy Insurance 

Insurance is required to ensure the protection of your financial investment in the event of theft, damage, or when something gets lost. Apart from insuring your engagement ring, you need to get it appraised every five years. This is because the cost of precious metals and stones can increase. If you were to lose your engagement ring that was appraised ten years ago, the insured value of the engagement ring will be much less than the present value of the ring.

Avoid Touching The Center Stone

Abstain from touching the center stone of your diamond rings at all costs. This is because diamonds and other precious stones can easily accumulate dirt and body oil when touched. When you take off or put on your diamond engagement ring, try to grab the band on either side and avoid grabbing the stone.

Do Keep Your Engagement Ring Clean 

If the center stone of your engagement ring looks cloudy or hazy, dust and dirt have likely accumulated underneath the stone. You might be tempted to clean the ring using some general cleaners, but it is not recommended. Take your precious ring to a jeweler and get it cleaned professionally.

Don’t Remove The Ring In Public 

While washing hands in a public restroom, you may be tempted to remove your engagement ring before lathering up. However, it is best to avoid this as the chance that you might leave the ring on the ledge of the sink is very high.

Do Remove Your Ring Before Hands-On Activities 

Make sure to take off your precious engagement ring before hand-heavy activities like gardening, moving furniture, workout sessions, cleaning dishes, etc. Else, the ring and the center stone can get damaged while you do the activity.

Don’t Get Ring Envy 

Every one of us will have a different idea of how our engagement ring will look like. Never compare your engagement ring with someone else’s. An engagement ring is never a symbol of status. It is a sign of a couple’s devotion and love.

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