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Are you in search of an engagement ring? Are you confused with whether to choose gemstone or diamond wedding ring sets? Diamonds have been associated with many big milestones in our lives, like engagements. However, gemstone engagement rings are also popular among couples. Read on to know the advantages and disadvantages of diamond and gemstone engagement rings, and see which suits your personality and fashion sense in the best way.

Diamond Engagement Rings: Advantages

  • Diamonds are beautiful and rare. They are much known for their sparkle and can add luxury to your engagement. The ring can remind you of your love when you look at it.
  • Diamonds are hardwearing and really strong. This can make diamond engagement rings suitable for the wear and tear of everyday life.
  • Diamonds come in a vast array of colors. This makes them a really versatile accessory, as they can match any skin tone and style.

Diamond Engagement Rings: Disadvantages

  • They are more expensive when compared to other gemstones. The bigger and better quality diamond you choose, the costlier it gets.
  • Diamonds are traditional and very clichéd. They have been in use for engagement rings for centuries.

Gemstone Engagement Rings: Advantages

  • Gemstones are available in various colors and each of them will be having their own individual character. Gemstone engagement rings can make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Gemstones are not as conventional as diamonds. They have become much popular and trendy in the recent years.
  • It is true that some of the gems are very brittle for daily wear. However, rubies and sapphires are very durable and can be an ideal choice for an engagement ring that is worn daily.
  • Gemstones cost less per carat when compared to diamonds. This means that you will be able to get a larger engagement ring if you choose any of the precious gemstones.

Gemstone Engagement Rings: Disadvantages

  • Some of the gemstones are not suitable for engagement rings. This is because some of these stones have a very weak mineral structure. These stones can break or chip while you clean the house or take a shower.
  • Usually, you will need to stick to sapphires and rubies while going for gemstone engagement rings. Topaz can also be a good candidate even though it is not conventionally chosen.
  • Pearls, opal, amber, turquoise, and garnet are not suited for engagement rings, as they are too soft to withstand daily wear and tear.

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