How to Upgrade your Diamond Ring?

Diamond Engagement Ring Set
Diamond Engagement Ring Set

People choose to upgrade their rings because of a wide variety of reasons. It might be because they prefer a new ring setting, want to change the metal of the band, add or remove gemstones, or want a new design. Whatever the reason is, here are some important things you have to consider when upgrading your diamond engagement ring sets or bridal wedding rings.

Upgrading the Setting of your Ring

Changing the setting is a common upgrading that a lot of people do. If you are upgrading to a new bigger diamond, then your old setting will not be able to hold it, therefore, you will have to change your ring setting.

People may also prefer to change the setting for adding more security for their stone. For instance, you may want to change from a prong setting to a bezel setting for adding more safety to your stone. You might also want to change the settings vice-versa, i.e., from bezel to prong, as prong settle will bring out the sparkle and brilliance of the stone to the maximum level.

However, before you change the settings, you have to go through all the possibilities with your jeweler. Sometimes it won’t be necessary to change the entire setting, hence, ask the jeweler if it is possible to keep the original design by altering the required parts only.

Even though it is possible to change the settings as you need, sometimes it is better to buy a new ring and re-setting the stone on it, as changing the setting can be too costly.

Upgrading the Band

There could be different reasons to upgrade the band of your ring. You might want a more strong and durable material, a new setting, a different band size, etc. In some cases, it might be possible to retain the original setting of your band based on the design of your new ring, but in some other cases, it will be necessary to change the entire band.

It is common for people to upgrade to a durable metal. For example, many people choose to change from gold to platinum, as it is more durable and scratch-resistant.

Upgrading the Diamond

Some people might want to get a bigger diamond or to add additional stones to their rings. Some might want to change the shape of their diamond. When upgrading the stone, you might also want to change the ring setting also. For example, if you want a bigger stone than your previous one, or want a different diamond shape, then it might not fit the old setting. Hence, you will have to opt for a new ring setting.

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