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One of the main aspects that most couples tend to mull over when it comes to their wedding will be the perfect wedding bands. It is not just about the beauty or sparkle of the band, but also about your style, personality, and your eternal relationship. Hence, choosing the right diamond ring from a pool of options can be quite a daunting and overwhelming task. Traditionally, couples tend to go for platinum or gold diamond wedding sets. However, these options have become clichéd and most millennial couples tend to steer away from such bridal wedding sets these days.

One of the unique options that you are likely to come across on your search for perfect diamond wedding sets is the tungsten bands. While platinum and gold are considered as the most popular options for wedding bands, tungsten bands are gaining popularity these days, especially amongst men. However, since tungsten diamond wedding sets are not so popular, most couples are likely to be skeptic when it comes to whether or not it is the right choice for them. If you are also wondering about the same, you may go through the following pros and cons of tungsten bands.

The Pros


One of the major upsides of choosing tungsten wedding bands is that they are way more affordable when compared to the traditional options. Note that the prices of tungsten bands may vary depending on its quality. Still, you can save hundreds of dollars in comparison to its precious metal counterpart. Hence, tungsten wedding bands will be a great option for all the couples who are looking forward to purchasing cheap wedding bands or to trim down their wedding costs.


Even though tungsten bands are cheaper, they are superior when it comes to scratch-resistance and luster. In fact, this metal is way harder and lustrous than most other alternatives. Thus, tungsten diamond wedding sets will be a great choice for all the people who are clumsier and often knock into things. Additionally, you will not have to spend money on cleaning and repairing tungsten bands, unlike its precious metal alternatives.

The Cons

Cannot Be Resized

One of the major downsides of tungsten diamond wedding sets is that you cannot re-size your sparkler in the future. Note that the chances for your rings to break are high when you try to resize them. So, you will have to change your wedding ring in case the size of your finger change.


When compared to platinum and gold, the density of tungsten is high. Hence, it will be heavier making it uncomfortable for some couples to wear it daily. Clearly, tungsten bands will not be a great choice for the people who are looking for a low-key and light-weight wedding ring.

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