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Chocolate Diamonds are a shade of brown diamonds which are among the less noticed categories of diamonds. The brown diamonds are often sold with names like “cappuccino”, “champagne”, “café créme” etc. The Chocolate diamonds will add a different touch to your diamond wedding ring sets.

How to Differentiate Chocolate Diamonds from Other Brown Diamonds

What are the difference between chocolate diamonds and other diamonds? Most of the white diamonds will have a hint of color, and it is usually yellow. According to the variations in this yellow tint some diamond stay in the yellow part of the spectrum while others stay in brown section. This is the reason why diamonds usually appear in the shades of yellow and brown than any other color.

But the name “chocolate” can only be given to a specific color and grade of the brown diamonds. The color of the chocolate diamonds is offered by the presence of nitrogen particles which get trapped in the diamond crystal during its formation. According to the amount of nitrogen present, various shades of yellow color will be produced. However, in the presence of sufficient heat during the process, a brown diamond will be formed, instead of a yellow one.

The chocolate diamonds are not usually used in the diamond wedding sets as they are comparatively cheap and they are commonly found to be used for industrial purposes. This makes the chocolate diamonds one among the least desirable of all colored diamonds. So the prices are low for such diamonds and supply far exceeds the demand. However those who love varieties can always choose a chocolate diamond to add more beauty and elegance to your diamond wedding ring set.

Unlike the white diamonds the chocolate diamonds are less expensive. This makes the chocolate diamonds desirable as well as less desirable as per the point of view of the buyer. The main reason why people buy chocolate diamonds is because of its look and beauty. The chocolate diamonds can bring more elegance and attractiveness to your diamond wedding ring set. The other feature that attracts people towards the chocolate diamonds is the cheap price range.

You can design quite beautiful diamond wedding sets with chocolate diamonds at affordable prices. Now you don’t have to spend a lot for purchasing your wedding ring. You can buy alluring diamond rings at a cheap price with chocolate diamonds.

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