Things to Note While Choosing your Diamond Eternity Rings

Bridal Ring Sets
Diamond Eternity Rings

As the name implies, rings are to stay for an eternity. It is not alone the couples who are celebrating their beautiful years of togetherness, but the new couples who had tenderly completed few years too are opting to adore the eternal bands to show their love and concern for each other. Henceforth, there are some thoughtful points to be noted while choosing your special ring.

Courtesy for the bridal ring sets

The three rings of the bridal set, specifically the engagement, wedding and eternity rings are to be adorned simultaneously. These ornate must look beautiful together, though they are bought and worn at specific intervals of one’s lifespan. Choosing similar grade diamonds help to get rid of the variation of shades, which may look odd.

Play with the colors

Colors are brought to the eternity rings for the personalizing purposes, to the otherwise white shaded rings. Pink or blue sapphires, rubies brand them colorful and trendy. Nevertheless, the play of colors in your eternity rings should not clash with the stones of your bridal set rings. Say, for example, the colored gemstone of eternity rings will look stunning if you have already adorned white diamonds in the other two bands. Same will be the issue in the selection of metals.

Setting and Shape for the Eternity Rings to Suit Best

Although they are available in all sorts of setting and style, it is always best to go for those patterns which match with the other existing rings.  It is mostly the prong setting that is used in the diamond eternity rings due to the setting’s greatest fire.

Complimenting metal for the eternity bands

Based on the personal preferences and taste, an apt metal can be chosen for your eternity rings, like every other jewelry. However, these simple patterns look best in metals like White Gold, Yellow Gold, Platinum and Rose gold. Considering the everyday rough use, the metal set with diamonds or any gemstones must be durable enough.

Sporting with other two rings

No matter what the style and pattern of the eternity ring is, it has to be in sync with both the engagement and wedding bands. Yet some are of the opinion that the new role of the eternity band among the bridal sets will ruin that perfect jibe of engagement and wedding rings. If at all, you have liked an odd eternity ring, try wearing them in your other hand.

There is no hard and fast rule for the selection of eternity rings, as if you have already liked a rather new pattern, go for it, no one is going to stop you. After all, it is the sweet emotion between the couple that counts rather than where the ring is worn. 

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