Top 5 Metal Choices for your Diamond Wedding Ring Sets

Diamond Wedding Ring Sets
Diamond Wedding Ring Sets

Once you decided to get hitched, there will be many responsibilities on your shoulders. One of the most important duties will be to choose a perfect wedding ring. Even though there are many options available for diamond wedding ring sets, most people often get confused with choosing the right sparkler.

It would be wise to think first whether to choose an individual wedding ring band or a diamond wedding ring set. It is to be noted that couples who love to flaunt matching diamond rings at an affordable budget usually consider diamond wedding ring sets. At the same time, couples who have already purchased their bridal wedding sets at the time of their engagement can skip this step. On a related note, bridal wedding sets will have both the engagement and wedding rings for the bride. This will be an ideal choice for all the women who love to flaunt both the sparklers on the same finger or on the same hand.

Another factor that is really crucial for security, as well as the beauty of your wedding bands, is its metal settings. Usually, diamond wedding ring sets will have wedding bands for both the bride and the groom with complementing metal settings. If you are wondering about which metal choice will be perfect for your wedding bands, below are some of the evergreen and trending options that you may consider.


Platinum is regarded as the king of all metals because of the supreme qualities it boasts. Before using it in jewelry pieces, platinum metal was used to manufacture military weapons. This will give you a clear idea regarding the hardness and durability of this ideal metal. You can easily engrave even the most complex design on platinum bands because of its hardness.

Other appealing qualities of platinum metal include incredible luster, hypoallergenic nature, scratch resistance, etc. The rarity of platinum also contributes to its overall value. However, platinum bands will be really expensive.


Even though platinum is the most eligible metal choice for diamond wedding ring sets, yellow gold is usually the practical winner. The fact that gold metal is more malleable than platinum, gives it an upper hand in the competition. Yellow gold bridal wedding sets are also considered evergreen and romantic – all credit to its amazing luster and warm hue.

Another highlight of gold metal is that it can be mixed with different metals or alloys in order to create various color variants. One of those popular options is white gold. It is created by plating yellow gold with an alloy of silver and palladium, or an alloy of copper, nickel, and zinc. Some other attractive gold variants include rose gold, blue gold, green gold, black gold, etc.

Sterling Silver

Diamond wedding ring sets made of sterling silver will be a suitable option for all the couples who are looking for a budget-friendly purchase. Silver was once more valuable than many other supreme metal choices like gold. However, pure silver is prone to scratch, bends, and many other damages. Hence, wedding bands made of pure silver will not last long.

In order to tackle this issue, jewelry experts mixed pure silver with an alloy of copper and other metals to create sterling silver. This will be way durable and harder when compared to pure silver. Nevertheless, sterling silver is also prone to scratches if it is not maintained properly.

When it comes to their appearance, its hue ranges from sparkling white to grayish white. Plus, you can choose its glossy or matte variant according to your personal style.

Stainless Steel

Many jewelry enthusiasts will be surprised to know that the application of stainless steel is not limited to utensils and flatware anymore. It has made its mark in the jewelry field as well because of its incredible durability, hardness, and affordability. As a result, many unconventional couples opt to choose stainless steel diamond wedding bands these days.

Stainless steel is usually preferred with its stylish and sturdy appeal. However, some couples used to polish their stainless steel bands in order to give it a glossy finish. Moreover, you will not have to worry about its cleaning process as well since you may simply do the task using soap, water, and cloth.


Tungsten will be the ultimate choice for all the couples who love to keep it edgy and unconventional. Tungsten bands are usually black in color and are way harder than other alternative metal choices such as titanium, cobalt, etc. The robust and brilliant shine of tungsten bands are really hard to resist as well. Besides, tungsten bands are 100% pure, and hence, they will be hypoallergenic.

Tungsten usually does not require any kind of maintenance making it a supreme choice for wedding bands that you may wear on a daily basis. However, you will not be able to resize your tungsten wedding bands in the future because of its extreme hardness.

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