Why Should You Get A Yellow Diamond Wedding Ring Set?

Diamond Wedding Ring Sets
Diamond Wedding Ring Sets

Do you know how the color of a diamond is rated? The highest color standard of a diamond is D which is the purest form of a diamond. It will be colorless and have an irresistible shine. The color grade of a diamond drops as it develops a yellow tinge. Sometimes, the yellow tinge will be very high that it affects the value of the diamond. However, when the yellow tinge exceeds, the diamond becomes yellow in color and looks beyond wonderful. Such diamonds which have a strong shade of yellow are valuable in the market.

Like other colored diamonds, yellow diamonds have an abnormal particle present in it that gives its unique color. It is the presence of nitrogen during its formation that makes it yellow. These nitrogen molecules absorb the blue light that falls on it and reflects the yellow, making the diamond appear yellow. Presence of nitrogen is also responsible for the orange color of diamonds.

Where Can you Find Yellow Diamonds?

Yellow diamonds are found widely in the mines of Central Africa, Australia, Angola, Borneo, Brazil, and many other countries. It is evident from the long list of mine locations that yellow diamonds are common.

How Valuable Are Yellow Diamonds?

Yellow diamond, being a natural colored diamond, is not easy to find. However, when it comes to colored diamonds, yellow diamonds are abundant. According to gem experts, yellow diamonds constitute around 60 percent of the total number of colored diamonds. However, they are not more in number than colorless diamonds. In fact, only one in every thousand diamonds mined is yellow diamonds. Since it is less costly and more elegant than others, diamond wedding ring sets with yellow diamonds will catch attention and stand out.

How Popular Are Yellow Diamonds As Engagement And Wedding Rings?

Rings with different colored diamonds have gained fame recently. Looking dashing in something rare and bright is trending now. Due to the voguish and rich impression that a yellow diamond ring creates, it is climbing up the list of preferred diamond wedding ring sets. Usually, yellow diamond rings come paired with gold bands which makes every part of the ring glisten. If you do not find gold your thing, then silver, platinum or rose gold bands are also available.

However, you should be aware of the quality of the ring you buy. There are many fake diamond products that are of lower quality than claimed. Therefore, it is always best to know about the standards and other quality determining factors before you buy a yellow diamond accessory.

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