A Guide to Choose the Right Eternity Ring

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Eternity Ring Guide

There are varieties of rings like engagement rings, wedding rings, promise rings, and eternity rings. Each of these kinds of rings is used with special purposes, and each of them has a special meaning to convey.

An eternity ring in its traditional way is used as a gift for some important events in life. It is presented on birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and similar occasions. However, at present numerous women use engagement and wedding ring sets with the purpose of an eternity ring.

Half and Full Eternity Rings

There are two types of eternity rings used. There are the full eternity rings, which feature diamonds or gemstones set all around the band. There are also the half eternity rings, which feature gemstones set only partway around the band.

People have a common notion that the full eternity rings are better than half eternity rings. However, that is not the truth always. The half eternity rings have many advantages over the full eternity rings. When both are compared, it is the half eternity ring, which is cost-effective than the full eternity ring. In addition to that, the half eternity ring has the advantage that it can be resized according to your wish. A full eternity ring cannot always be resized. Even if you try to do that, you will have to spend much on it because it will involve the removal or addition of diamonds.

The full eternity ring is more prone to collect damages than a half eternity ring. This is because the gemstones on the underside of the finger can undergo wear and tear easily since it comes in contact with different objects regularly. It is good to think for a while before you choose to buy a full eternity ring over a half eternity ring.

Choosing the Width and the Setting Style

The diamonds will appear larger if the rings are wider. There will also be a tremendous sparkle in this case. However, the majority of the people opt for thin rings, and hence, there is a balance in the size of the diamond and the width because they use larger diamonds.

The traditional setting of the eternity ring is the grain setting. In this setting, there are tiny metal beads, which hold each of the diamonds in place. There will be an edge, which makes a border around the diamonds. To give the ring a vintage appeal, sometimes the edge will be made in milgrain detail. Cut down setting and channel setting are also popular.

Keep these in mind while you choose your ideal eternity ring.

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