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Though the Yellow Gold Rings are not so popular at the moment unlike the Rose Gold, the yellow metal had its own ardent fans and was preferred by a group in the second half of the 1900s solely for Yellowgold bridal ring sets. Gradually, however, they are picking up the center stage along with other metals.

The Yellow Gold in general

A wise combination of the pure gold with alloys of other metal made for the safety concerns of the jewelry are labeled as the Yellow Gold. These alloys are used in varied proportions to create diverse qualities of the Yellow Gold. They will now be measured in the units of Karatage, or more commonly in karats. The most preferred karat size of gold to be molded to engagement rings are 18k and 14k. Such rings can be chosen as they have got more alloy content in it.

Yellow Gold Suits the Best for whom?

This condition would prove to be applicable to a greater section of people, as the metal would be perfectly in sync with almost skin tones. You just need to try them on. The color of the metal makes them stand out from the stereotypical platinum and rose gold rings with its bright visual appeal.

Are They Safe Enough to Be Placed Across Diamonds?

The bright yellow shades of the metal are sheer to reflect whichever stones placed right at the central portion of the ring. If the reflection is really concerning you, then try out some white gold on the prongs. Or otherwise, choose a higher diamond color as the stone of the ring in order to color transfer and for the compatible look.

Common Say about the Yellow Gold

It is believed that the center stone will be influenced by the covering yellow metal, henceforth the yellow gold lovers are advised to opt for a lower diamond color. Moreover, the intensity of colors will be formed when you are setting a yellow fancy diamond on a yellow metal, with its utmost darker color saturation.

Some Popular Yellow Gold Engagement Ring Designs

Classic Halo Gold Engagement Ring: A mesmerizing blend of classic and modern patterns is incorporated in this oval cut diamond centered yellow gold engagement ring. The central stone can be further intensified by setting its halo in any white metal.

Solitaire Yellow Gold Engagement Ring: An adorable pave basket with a comfortable golden band is that perfect choice of a yellow gold engagement ring, which has been adorned with a white stone at the center.

Hidden Halo Ring: The thin almost hidden golden halo with accentuated minute diamonds allow the center stone to shine more forming a 3D sparkle. The hidden pattern is a total twist to the popular halo yellow gold ring.

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