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Buying an engagement ring is a one-time affair in life. You don’t get a second chance to buy another engagement ring for your beloved. For this reason, you have to be very wise and careful while you make the choice of your engagement ring. You should be wise enough to choose the best one which is ideal for your person. Here are five very important tips which can help you in choosing the ideal ring for your engagement.

Mind The Shape

The shape of the ring you choose for your girlfriend is very important. Your choice of the color and clarity of the ring will be based on the shape you choose. Then again, the setting that you select for the ring depends on the color and clarity. Hence it is the shape which is of prime importance while choosing your ring.

Get to know the shape which your fiancée loves. Mostly all women love the round brilliant shape. But if there is any particular choice that she has, it is better to buy that one so that she can treasure it for a lifetime. There are the emerald cut, radiant cut, oval cut, etc. which she might like more than the round brilliant cut. You must have a fair knowledge of different cuts so that you can choose the ideal one.

Give A Special Touch To The Ring

It will be in your best interests to give a special touch to the ring. You can do this in several ways. You can laser imprint a special phrase or date on the ring. Otherwise, you can forge your birthstone on the inside of the shank of the ring. Also, you may etch your fingerprint on the inside of the band.

Choose The Right Setting

According to the stone you have chosen for her, you have to make the handmade setting. If you go for the pre-mount settings, it would not be a good choice. Each diamond is unique in its depth, angles, and dimensions. If you place your expensive stone on a setting which is not meant for the one you purchased, you will end up destroying the diamond. Getting the custom made settings will increase the safety of the diamond.

See The Certification

Last but not least; see that you buy a certified diamond. There may be some unethical jewelers who will force uncertified diamonds on you for a cheap price. Be wise to choose only the quality approved diamond.

If you are mindful of these things you will be able to gift the best possible ring to your fiancée.

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