The Three Stone Engagement Ring

3 Set Engagement Rings

If you have already decided to bring love to your life, the first thing you will need is a ring. An engagement ring is not just an ordinary ring, it symbolizes that you and your life will always be bound to the hands of your love. Each wedding ring symbolizes a different meaning. If you are searching for something that can show your memories of your past, the present moment you are living on and also the beautiful future filled with love, then a 3 set engagement ring is your best choice. It is one of the best wedding ring sets available in the market, with a large diamond fixed in between the two smaller diamonds, these rings will also show the simplicity of your relation.

What Does It Symbolize?

The three stoned rings depict a different meaning than a normal solitaire ring. It shows the story of a journey of your life. The stone in the center represents the present. It shows how much you value the present moment with your loved one. The smaller stones on both sides show the past and the future of your life. These rings are also known as trilogy and trinity ring since these stones will also symbolize love, friendship, and loyalty. The three set engagement rings will provide a deeper meaning to your engagement.

Is it Available Only in a Single Style?

There are several designs available for a three set ring. The most common design is the one with a bigger diamond on the middle and two smaller diamonds on the sides. It is also available with stones of equal size. One of the specialties of the stones in a three stoned rings is the weight of the smaller stones together will be always equal to the weight of the stone in the middle.

If you are looking for a ring that can tell a story about your love and romance and if you want your ring to be different than normal, then, a three set ring will be your best choice. You can also customize your wedding ring with a combination of colored and colorless diamonds. A three stoned ring can also be chosen as per your budget, as if you have a lot of money to buy the ring you can buy the one with three diamonds, and, if you are short in finance, you can customize it with a diamond in the middle and gemstones in the sides.

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