Tips To Buy The Right Heart Shaped Diamond Ring

Diamond Wedding Sets
Diamond Wedding Sets

According to many jewelers, heart-shaped diamonds are one of the popular choices for diamond wedding sets these days. People usually associate the heart shape with love, romance, and passion. A couple wearing heart-shaped jewelry means they are in deep love with each other. Many celebrity couples are seen wearing heart-shaped diamonds in some recent events and it is one of the main reasons for its increasing popularity.

If you are planning to buy a wedding ring set, then the best choice you have is to buy heart-shaped diamonds. In this article, we will take a look at some of the useful tips that may help you in choosing the right heart-shaped diamond.

Choose The Right Size

If you need to see the heart shape clearly, then it is not a great idea to choose a very small stone. A small heart-shaped diamond means you won’t be able to see the shape clearly and it will be a disadvantage. Most jewelers recommend buying a heart-shaped diamond with a carat size over 0.50. The large heart-shaped diamond means the appearance will be better.

Check Whether The Stone Has Bow-Tie Effect

Most diamonds have a bow-tie effect, which occurs due to misaligned facets or poor cutting. If the cut is poor or the facets are misaligned, a shadow will be created inside the diamond when the light passes through it. The shadow will create darkened areas on the diamond surface in the shape of a bow tie. It is very difficult to create a diamond shape with no bow-tie effect. Most of the time people have to settle with the diamond that has the lowest bow-tie effect.

Choose The Right Setting

The heart-shaped diamond can grab anyone’s attention and it is very attractive in almost all ring settings. That means you will have a hard time choosing the right setting for your heart-shaped ring. You should note that the heart shape has a pointed tip that may need protection. Therefore, the ring setting you choose should be able to protect your diamond.

Set The Right Budget

Buying diamond wedding sets can cost way more money than buying a single engagement ring. The right thing to do is to do your research and figure out what the average cost of a heart-shaped diamond is and set a budget based on that. You can also seek the help of a reputed jeweler. After finalizing your budget, you can start saving from your salary.

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