Are CBD Gummies Legit? Find Real Tested CBD Results Here

Cannabidiol is a substance derived from industrial hemp and is available in many different forms, including gummies. These are similar to standard gummies in terms of shape and the sticky feature, but the similarities of both products end there. CBD gummies are strikingly different from traditional gummies in many regards. A CBD gummy is not just another candy, but it has properties that are beneficial for health. The bear shape is one of the features these two forms of gummies have in common. Then again, it is important to note that not every CBD gummy is made in the shape of a bear.

Many individuals prefer CBD gummies owing to the ease of consumption and the discreteness of these products. You can chew and swallow the candies when at work or in public without anyone noticing. It is the chewing aspect that mainly attracted the gum form of cannabidiol to a professional golfer such as Phil Mickelson. There are many different CBD gummy brands out there, but the form of the product also impacts the amount of cannabidiol in it. CBD’s bioavailability varies by product type.

There is third-party lab testing to help validate whether what each CBD manufacturer advertises is accurate. A producer should ideally deliver their product’s sample to another company for testing it in its laboratory, and it will do the tests and reveal the outputs. This might help many producers to be more transparent in the eyes of consumers, depending on what the results show.

By looking at the tested CBD level in a product, you can rest assure that the item will have the effects it should have. Every CBD manufacturer must use a lab to test its products, or else, it might have less or more cannabidiol than one expects.

Real Tested CBD rates these products on the basis of lab test results. Based on these results, it has discovered that CBD tinctures often have the biggest difference in concentrations of cannabidiol. In other words, the difference between the labeled CBD level and the one shown in lab results is the widest in tinctures out of all products featured on Real Tested CBD.

It appears that cannabidiol-filled gummies available on this website are relatively better in terms of the labeling correctness. For some reason, the concentration of cannabidiol in these candies is closer to the labeled amount. When Real Tested CBD’s laboratory checked for pesticides and solvents in the gummies, the following brands came through with flying colors. That is why these are among the best CBD gummies available in the market. As with anything else in the marketplace, all of these products have pros and cons, but it is worth noting that Real Tested CBD considers them ‘acceptable’.

Green Roads’ CBD Froggies

When it comes to CBD gummies, the actual concentration of cannabidiol in Green Roads’ products is the nearest to the labeled one. The brand informs through the label that the CBD level in the product is 100 milligrams. However, the laboratory’s test result shows that the product has 16.75 mg more cannabidiol than it.

Most of the brand’s orders are shipped inside 7 working days. It offers discounts to military service members and first responders. The product’s only negative is that it lacks the entourage effect, as noted by Real Tested CBD. This is the useful effect of hemp compounds working in conjunction. ‘CBD Froggies’ is an isolate CBD product, so it does not have that effect.

cbdMD’s Premium CBD Gummies

As per Real Tested CBD’s lab findings, this product lacks the aforesaid effect because it does not have considerable quantities of rare phytocannabinoids. However, as with any other item listed here, the pros of cbdMD’s gummies far outnumber its disadvantages.

The word ‘Premium’ in the product name refers not to its price, but to the fact that it has premium components. Usually, many manufacturers follow premium pricing, but this brand does not. Even Real Tested CBD finds it a well-priced product for the milligrams of cannabidiol on offer. The brand cbdMD’s label tells us that there is 750 mg of cannabidiol, but the lab test finds it to be 899.58 milligrams.

It usually delivers the product in 2 to 3 business days across the United States of America. It also gives a military discount or disability discount. This means that if you are legally disabled or a member of the military service, you would be eligible for the respective discount.

CBD American Shaman’s Gummies

These fruit-flavored gummies filled with cannabidiol are of the brand named ‘CBD American Shaman’. It sells the product as a ‘dietary supplement’. According to the labeled information, the product has 10 milligrams of cannabidiol per gummy. There are 30 gummies in the bottle, so it is supposed to have 300 mg of CBD. However, Real Tested CBD states that it only has 290.71 mg of it.

This seems to be a mistake on the part of the labeling staff. This kind of error is common in the CBD industry. It is sometimes a mistake with a negative consequence, but on other occasions, the real CBD amount turns out to be more than what is labeled. For instance, CBD American Shaman’s other product named ‘Sparkling Watermelon Juice’ actually contains 6.78 mg more cannabidiol than what the brand labeled.

More significant, however, is the fact that the laboratory test has found a synthetic substance used to color each gummy. Anyhow, Real Tested CBD considers it a reasonably priced product, and it notes the candies’ taste and the brand’s disability discount as its advantages. The website also informs that the product comes with free shipping, but it has not mentioned the expected delivery number of days.

Charlotte’s Web Raspberry’s Hemp Extract-Infused Gummies

The Real Tested CBD lab’s test result says that the level of cannabidiol in the gummies’ bottle is 449.14 mg, lower than the label. It is labeled as containing 600 mg of CBD, but there is a difference of -150.86 mg. That said, the advantages of the product are more numerous than its downsides. Real Tested CBD lists both the ‘military discount’ and the ‘free shipping’ provided by the brand as plus points of the item. It may take 8 days for the online product to reach an unnamed Charlotte’s Web location in Las Vegas, but this brand delivers it for free.

A more noteworthy fact is that it seems to be a full-spectrum type cannabidiol item, staying true to the product label.  It also informs us that the product is a ‘dietary supplement’. Going by the labeled information, it is ideal for sleep. The product made by Charlotte’s Web appears to be targeted at people with sleep issues or those who are looking to improve their sleep.

A product listed as ‘full spectrum CBD’ has every beneficial hemp compound, so it will have the entourage effect. For a layman customer, this just means that it will be more beneficial for their health than any other CBD product.

Charlotte’s Web is named after the teenager, Charlotte Figi who used the cannabis strain containing cannabidiol for Dravet syndrome seizures. Besides the brand, Charlotte’s Web also refers to the strain she used to deal with the condition. Her story inspired a historic medical cannabis reform.

The best aspect of Charlotte’s Web is that it offers a quiz service to aid customers in choosing the ideal cannabidiol product for them.

Lord Jones’ Old Fashioned CBD Gumdrops

This product is not ranked high in the list of the gummy products featured on Real Tested CBD. The lower ranking on the website for the ‘best CBD gummies’ category could be attributed to the product’s high price and the lack of entourage effect. According to Real Tested CBD, those are only two of the disadvantages of the item. As with all other products listed here, the pros of it outweigh the cons.

On the plus side, Real Tested CBD notes that the product offers amazingly correct dose. Going by the website information, free 2-day delivery is offered to an anonymous Lord Jones location in LA. The brand offers the product at a discounted rate to eligible military service members and eligible teachers. It is possible to check one’s eligibility for either the ‘military discount’ or ‘teacher discount’ on Lord Jones’ website.

The brand advertises the product as containing 180 milligrams of cannabidiol, but the test result puts it at 204.75 mg. The positive difference is true for many other CBD products of the brand. For example, Lord Jones informs that its ‘Stiletto Cream’ has 200 mg of CBD, but it is 6.8 mg less than that.

CBD Infusionz’s Berry Gummies

This is one of the five best products that come under the best gummies category on Real Tested CBD. The product label informs that it contains 100 milligrams of cannabidiol and that it is a full-spectrum hemp CBD product. However, Real Test CBD’s test results found that it does not have enough quantities of other hemp cannabinoids. The website hints that it is an inferior quality CBD isolate, in place of a full-spectrum type product as the brand claims on the label.

Still, the Real Tested CBD website notes that it offers great bang for the buck and that the brand offers reasonable 6-day delivery. Each gummy has a similar shape to the berry fruit, it is berry coated, and contains some amount of melatonin. Eating some of these gummies might help you to be calmer, and thereby, have a more peaceful sleep at night.

If you are choosy about everything, then CBD Infusionz might be the right brand for you. It has many different CBD gummies for customers to pick from.

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