How Do Horses Get Coronavirus If Never Introduced To It?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has turned into the focal point for every world leader and government, big or small! COVID-19 is that hot topic that is being discussed and talked about in almost every news channel, every online forum and every other website. What is worrying the majority of us is not what we know of the virus, but what we don’t know! We know for a fact that it spread like wild fire from human to human, but the effect of the COVID-19 in animals and pets; if at all any is yet to be looked into. A mad dash by virologist and epidemiologist at all major lab around the world has ensued, to decode and understand what it is that makes this virus tick!

We now look into what the studies on the effect of the coronavirus on specifically horses say, and what you can do to slow down the spread…

What Is Coronavirus?

Understand this, that coronavirus is a large group of viruses that is known to cause respiratory and enteric (intestinal) diseases. COVID-19 is merely ONE of these, in the group of coronaviruses. The way the virus spreads may vary but most of them are by means of respiratory droplets that are produced by the infected host. There are no studies as of now, that says COVID-19 can be transmitted to horses or that horses can act as further carriers of the virus .

What Kind Of Coronavirus Does Infect Horses?

The prominent one is the Equine coronavirus. The route of transmission is mainly through fecal-oral route. The existence of this coronavirus is mostly in the intestines, and very low in the nasal secretion. The incubation period (How long it takes after being exposed for the first symptoms to show) is roughly around 2-3 days. The equine coronavirus persist for around 3 weeks that can be cut down with proper supportive care. It causes anorexia, lethargy, high fever, upset stomach and many more. For all those wondering, no, this strain of coronavirus cannot be transmitted to humans.

Should I Be Worried?

Yes. Worrying and over-cautiousness is the need of the hour when it comes to COVID-19, and worrying will not hurt. It is better to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best, than be under prepared and affected at an unprecedented scale. Remember, this is a pandemic! We still can’t rule out that horses or any other animal cannot infect us. Wash your hands well if you have touched horses and be sure to wear a mask. A good quality mask can make all the difference at this hour and you can find them all here

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