Melania Trump Loves Most to Wear Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring
Engagement Ring

The First Lady of the US, Melania Trump wears fashionable clothes and jewelry when she steps out in public. However, she is seen rocking one jewelry piece at all times, and this is her ring from Donald Trump. Read on to know more about Melania, her choices and ring.

The US First Lady was a model, which means she loves to wear designer pieces, ranging from clothing to footwear to jewelry. Donald Trump popped the question in the year 2004 after he and Melania dated for six long years. He gave her a ring with a big emerald-cut diamond. As the name implies, this diamond is cut into the shape of an emerald gemstone.

Melania’s centerpiece diamond weighs 15 carats, and she wears it on her engagement ring finger even today. It was sold for a whopping $1.50 million, as per the Times newspaper, but later reports suggested that the price was double that.

Donald Trump had it updated and gave it as a gift for their tenth wedding anniversary. This is what makes the jewelry piece more worth rocking for Melania. After the upgrade, the overall diamond weight became 25 carats.

It routinely finds a place in the list of most expensive diamond engagement rings ever, and that weight has a big part to play in making it so costly.

The emerald-shaped diamond is certified ‘flawless’. A diamond with this clarity grade does not have any blemishes or internal flaws that are visible to the eye. It is very rare to find naturally-occurring, ‘flawless’ graded diamonds. It costs more to purchase such a diamond than the ones with other clarity grades.

Another interesting fact about Melania Trump’s ring is that she was criticized for wearing it in her White House photograph. Then again, such criticism is common for an A-list celebrity like the US’s First Lady. Earlier, even Michelle Obama came under fire for a sleeveless outfit in her White House picture.

Speak of Michelle Obama, the former First Lady’s engagement ring is modest in size and style. She also wears it constantly, like Melania, and she too had her ring upgraded.

Because Melania makes statements through fashion choices, her and Donald Trump’s wedding tends to be discussed and scrutinized a bit too much. For this reason, by wearing this diamond engagement ring, she is perhaps giving a strong reply to any person criticizing her marriage, and rightly so.

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