The Trends Set to Go Big in 2020 in the Engagement Ring World

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Engagement Ring Trends

At the end of every year, lists appear online that throw light on the trends to look forward to the year after. 2020 is approaching, and we know you cannot wait to get your hands on that brand new piece of engagement jewelry. 2020 marks the new decade, so every item that finds a place in this list will hold a significant meaning for the next-in-line couples.

Halos and cushion-cut diamonds have been ruling the roost this year. Guess what, many trends are expected to dictate 2020 marriage proposals. Jewelers have found that engagement ring trends have stayed rather similar with slight changes. The main thing they found is that customers wish to focus more on the finer ring detail, and they appreciate the additional tender loving care which goes into the making of engagement rings.


Colored gemstones are quite popular even now. That said, people have been shifting from parti sapphires and blue and pink sapphires, as well as rubies, to a relatively more pastel-colored gem.

Morganite is one specific gem you will see a lot next year. Morganite has gained popularity because these are featured a lot on social networking websites. It belongs to the family of Beryl minerals, featuring other popular stones like emerald and aquamarine. It was named in tribute of financier J.P Morgan, who was also a mineral collector.

Usually, morganite is alternatively referred to as vorobevite. The slight pink color of this gemstone makes it a feminine option for the pieces in an engagement and wedding band set. You can usually obtain a bigger morganite at a reasonable price.


Tourmaline comes in pink, green and red colors, and it is a beautiful and versatile gemstone that will gain popularity next year. Tourmaline gemstones are quite popular because these are discovered in various colors, leaving you spoiled for choice, so to speak.

Nine different mineral species are there in the tourmaline family. Tourmaline is more colorful of them all. Usually, jewelers use this gem as the centerpiece of their engagement rings with smaller diamonds used to accentuate the center stone. Solitaire tourmaline rings are also available in the market. In both solitaire and multi-stone styles, this gemstone is large in terms of size.

Salt and Pepper Diamond

These kinds of diamonds contain flaws as well as spots and speckles, which give these a one of a kind quality. Thanks to the internal flaws, also known as inclusions, these come cheap in the market. This is a trendy option for people who seek diamond jewelry pieces that are different from the sea of sparkle out there. Almost every diamond has inclusions. The inclusions of these diamonds are white and black colored, and these are so crowded together that it is not easy to distinguish one color from the other with the naked eye.

Oval Cut Diamond

The oval shaped gemstones are a stunning option for brides-to-be who desire something contemporary and unique for their ring. These have been popular for a long time, and 2020 will be no different say experienced jewelers in the industry. If you are choosing a fancy shape, which means anything but round, including this particular diamond, you need to look for the central shadow that resembles a bow-tie. Some jewelry designers disguise this shadow at the center of the stone with unique engagement ring settings, like a halo made up of kite diamonds, to balance its design and catch the eye.

Classic Halo

Alternative halo diamond shapes are popular right now, but the classic one is number one among them all. Jewelers are finding it to be quite consistent, and their clientele is happy to add other-shaped stones in the setting to make their ring’s design a little bit more adventurous. However, the conventional halo remains a continuous trend, and jewelers expect it to be the same next year.

Crown Bands

There is no substitute for a classic round band, at least for the fine jewelry lover. However, a crown band, i.e., the one that conforms around the engagement ring’s edge, rather than sitting below it, is gaining attention. You can wear it as a standalone band, or together with another matching one on the same finger.

Micro-Pavé Diamond Band

When Meghan Markle remodeled her gemstone engagement ring through a jeweler to one with this version of pave setting, searches for it have shot up. Maybe this is what the jewelry industry people refer to as the ‘Meghan effect’ to describe her influence on the sector. Expect to find more micro-pave bands next year, which is a great thing, given how delicate and lovely these bands are. To use the same Duchess of Sussex example; her remodeled piece has finer diamonds and thinner band.

Above listed are a few diamond ring trends that might go big in 2020. Click to more on the latest diamond sizes and trends.

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