Budget-Friendly Ways to Shop for your Wedding Bands

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Needless to say, it may cost you a fortune in order to own a captivating diamond wedding band. Many studies in the field claim that it will cost you an average of $7000 to buy a decent sparkler. Hence, many couples who are on a tight budget will not be able to buy their desired wedding band sets. Thankfully, below are some brilliant buying tips for budget-friendly wedding bands, which will surely give the best bang for your bucks.

Choose your Gemstones Wisely

The most expensive part of your wedding band will be the diamonds on it. Hence, you must be really tactical while choosing your gemstones. If you are planning to choose a band that is entirely encrusted with tiny diamonds, it is better to let go of the 4 C’s since it will not reflect much on the visual appeal of smaller diamonds. Besides, you may choose precious stones as well such as rubies, sapphires, etc., in between so as to reduce the overall cost of your bridal wedding rings.

Choose the Diamond Ring Setting Wisely

There is no need to worry even if you cannot afford the bigger diamonds that you saw at the jewelry stores. There are many options such as halo setting, cluster setting, three stone setting, etc., that can flawlessly create the illusion of a huge solitaire when viewed from a distance. You may choose any of these that will fit in your budget.

A key factor that can lift up the overall sparkle of your wedding ring is its metal setting. The best option that you may consider for a cost-effective purchase is the prong setting. Here, four or six claw-like structures will be used to hold your gemstone in place. The minimal usage of metal will not only reduce the overall price of your ring but also it will lift up the bling quotient of your stone.

Do Not Fall for the 4 C’s

Almost every diamond buyer will be familiar with the 4 C’s of a diamond: the cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. People will be crucial about choosing a gemstone that excels in all these factors as well. However, the 4 C’s is just one of the marketing strategies put forward by the diamond manufacturers in order to boost up their sales. Out of this, the only thing that you must not compromise on is the cut quality since it will directly affect the visual appeal or the brilliance of your diamond.

When it comes to clarity and color grade, consider a diamond that is visually flawless and colorless when viewed with your naked eyes. To tackle the carat weight, consider a halo or cluster setting.

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