How This Man Made An Diamond Engagement Ring Will Blow Your Mind

Gold Engagement Ring Set
Gold Engagement Ring Set

As an eighth-grade student, Christian Liden planned to make a personalized ring to give to his future bride. Back then, Liden had no girlfriend, but that did not stop him from making the grand plan. If a diamond takes billions of years to develop naturally deep below the Earth’s surface, Liden figured that he could afford to be patient for ten years or more. This is a refreshing change of pace from a traditionalist who would visit shopping malls or jewelry stores for a gold engagement ring set with diamonds.

Liden has long been a mineral specimen collector, so for him, it was the ideal way of having the engagement jewelry piece. Liden told Washington Post that making it on his own was indescribable for him. That is why the 26-year-old recently decided to carry out his long-held plan. Liden has been dating Desirae Klokkevold for over five years now, so they had discussed marriage at some point.

Liden realized that he wished to marry Klokkevold, but he still wanted to give her a surprise. In May this year, Liden informed his lover that he would have a Yellowstone camping trip with his bestie Josh Tucker. Instead, the two men went to Arkansas’ Crater of Diamonds, a park that allows people to explore diamonds and retain what they discover. Miles away from Yellowstone, it is among the world’s few places where commoners can discover diamonds from a volcanic crater’s eroded surface.

As per its interpreter Waymon Cox, around 33,000 is the number of diamonds that have been discovered at the property since its 1972 opening. For your information, Cox’s job is to help park visitors to understand the location’s cultural and historical importance. Cox said that thousands of individuals visit it each year for diamonds, and that about a diamond or two is discovered daily.

Cox also said that most are small diamonds with 0.25 carat. That said, when the mine Prairie Creek was at the property, someone discovered the biggest ever diamond found in the US. Named after the nation, the so-called Uncle Sam Diamond weighs around 40 carats.

Liden realized that there was only less chance for him to discover a spectacular diamond, but he took on the challenge nonetheless. Where almost everyone would seek a large diamond engagement ring set with a halo of smaller diamonds, Liden’s action is commendable.

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