How To Choose A Wedding Band To Complement The Engagement Ring

Bridal Ring Sets
Bridal Ring Sets

If you are planning to wear your engagement and wedding rings on the same finger, then it is better to make sure that they complement each other. But choosing a matching wedding band might not be an easy task. Getting bridal ring sets is one of the best ways to ensure that your engagement and wedding rings can perfectly match each other. But you can still get a stunning pair even if you buy them separately.

You should consider the setting and design of your engagement ring when getting a wedding band. As there is a wide range of engagement ring settings, it can be difficult for you to determine which wedding band can suit them. Therefore, we list some tips that can be helpful for you to get a perfect wedding band that can complement your engagement ring.

Go Wild If Your Engagement Ring Is Solitaire

Solitaire engagement rings are highly versatile. Hence, you can experiment with different wedding ring settings if your engagement ring is solitaire. You can get a simple and plain band which can be perfect for a simple solitaire ring. It is also possible for you to go for bands with stunning embellishments like an eternity band, as its luxurious appeal can contrast the simple look of a solitaire ring.

Choose A Simple Band For A Three-Stone Ring

If you have a three-stone engagement ring, then it is better to go for a simple wedding band. This can enhance the extravagance of your engagement ring.

Choose Gold Bands For Gold Engagement Rings

If your engagement ring is made of gold, then it is better to go for gold wedding bands. But you can mix and match gold wedding sets of different colors. For example, pairing white gold with yellow or rose gold can create a stunning contrast.

Match The Stone Shape In The Engagement Ring And Wedding Band

If your engagement ring comes with round diamonds, then going for a band with round diamonds is ideal to create beautiful symmetry. Otherwise, there can be a mismatch in their shape.

Choose Same Colored Stones

Choosing the same colored stones for engagement rings and wedding bands is the best option to create uniformity when they are worn together.

Vintage Engagement Rings Demand Intricate Bands

If you are a vintage soul, then choosing an intricate band with delicate details can be a perfect option to match your elegant vintage engagement ring.

Try on different wedding bands with your engagement ring to find out whether they look stunning together. You can also create a custom wedding band if you cannot find a band that can match your engagement ring from local jewelers.

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