Chameleon Diamonds and Their Special Features

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As the name suggests, Chameleon diamonds change colors temporarily. Due to this, it is considered very unique and unusual. Since they were discovered in1943, they are considered in a different category. They are also considered more valuable for use in diamond wedding ring sets than the colored diamonds which do not change their color. Below is a discussion on these diamonds and their properties.

The Reason behind the Changing Colors

Gemologists are still unsure about the cause of the color changing phenomenon. The presence of high concentrations of hydrogen might be a reason. It is also said that the presence of nickel and nickel are also behind this. Others argue that gemstones have luminescent and phosphorescent properties. When the chameleon diamond responds to light, it is called photochromism, while its color-changing reaction to heat is called thermochromism.

Chameleon Diamond’s Intensity Levels

Note that the color changing-aspect of these diamonds is not permanent. Nevertheless, these are the only category of diamonds capable of changing their color naturally even if on a temporary basis. In the event of exposure to heat or hiding from the light, these diamonds change from a light yellowish tone to a darker green hue.

The chameleon diamonds can be divided into two categories— Reverse and Classic. The classic covers most of the chameleon diamonds. They change from the olive green color which is a combination of green, gray, and yellow, to lighter orangey yellowish tone. The duration of visibility lasts between a few minutes to more than an hour. Reverse chameleon diamonds are those which display the opposite characteristic to other classic ones. These are lighter yellow in color and change temporarily to become greener and darker when they are stored in darkness. Different from classic chameleons, they are unaffected by heat.

Spotting a genuine chameleon diamond needs you to know some of its major characteristics. Note that these are not available as stronger color grades like Intense and Vivid. They are found as Fancy Dark, Fancy Deep, and Fancy.

A chameleon diamond has the property of color combination along with diamond fluorescence. The hues include two shades out of brown, gray, green, and yellow. Some of the most common color combinations found in chameleon diamonds are grayish-yellowish, green-yellow, brownish-greenish, brownish-yellowish, gray-yellowish, and gray-greenish. There are other combinations too.

Chameleon Diamond’s Rarity and Prices

These diamonds are not just a rare item to collect, they are a scientific enigma. Since they are very rare to find, they are priced higher than even the colorless diamonds.

Chameleon diamonds are among the rarest of diamond types and they are totally worth collecting due to their special abilities to change colors.

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