How To Choose Ring Settings That Can Enhance Your Diamond’s Color

Bridal Ring Sets
Bridal Ring Sets

When choosing a setting for your bridal ring sets, you have to make sure that the setting can enhance the color of the diamonds. While some settings can accentuate the color of your stone, some others might make them seem dull. Therefore, whether you have colorless or colored diamonds, you have to be careful when choosing the setting.

The following are some tips that can be helpful for you when choosing a setting to enhance the look of your stone.

Choose A White Metal For Purely Colorless Stones

Getting a colorless diamond with high quality can be extremely costly. So you don’t have to jeopardize its excellent brilliance by choosing a setting that can make it dull.

It is better to choose a white metal like platinum or white gold for your colorless stones. The white shine of these metals can further enhance the brilliance of your colorless diamonds thereby accentuating their look.

Surround Your Colorless Center Diamond With Colorless Accents

Adding accents to your diamond ring can be a brilliant way to make them more stunning and shiny. When colorless stones are surrounded by small accent stones of similar color grade, then they can together look like a bigger diamond. Also, the combined sparkle created by all these stones can make your center diamond more colorless.

You have to be careful when choosing the color grade of your accents, as a huge variation in the color grade between accents and the center diamond can create a color mismatch thereby taking away the appeal of your ring.

Choose Yellow Gold For Diamonds With Yellow Tint

A lot of people choose diamonds with slight yellow tints because of their affordability. But setting them on a white metal can make the yellow tint of your stones more noticeable. But yellow gold can help to mask this tint because of its yellow shade. Therefore, yellow gold bridal ring sets can be a better option for you if your diamonds have a small yellow tint.

Get Colorless Diamonds And White Metals For Colored Diamonds

You can make the vibrant colors of your colored diamonds more saturated by surrounding them with colorless accent stones and white metal. This can make your colored diamonds more noticeable.

Use Colored Prongs For Your Colored Diamonds

If you have a yellow diamond, then prongs made of yellow gold can impart more color to it. Similarly, if your diamonds are red, pink, or rose in color, then choose a rose gold setting for them to saturate their color.

When getting diamond rings, compare different settings to find out which is the best option to enhance your stone’s color.

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